Our team at Atlantic Security would like to advise you of all the upcoming changes with how the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (J.S.O.) will be handling your Alarm Registration and Alarm Responses in the near future, according to Chapter 168 of the Florida Statutes. To view Chapter 168, you can download the PDF here at the bottom of this post.

All systems will be considered unlawful if they are not current with their alarm registration. This is expected to go into effect for new alarm systems 06/01/17, and ninety- days later for existing alarm systems. In addition to your initial registration, you will be required to renew your registration annually for no additional charge. If this is not done J.S.O. will not respond to any burglary alarm signals and you may receive a fine.

The next significant change deals with the number of permitted annual false alarms, as well as the fines that they will be levied for these violations. The fines will start after the second false alarm and can result in a no-response from J.S.O. after the sixth. (To see the more information regarding how J.S.O defines a False Alarm refer to Chapter 68 page 2 and for further information regarding the fines refer to page 9)

These changes are meant to help reduce the number of false alarms and false dispatches, which will help to ensure that our local Police officers are able to quickly respond to where they are needed for our safety.

Download Chapter 68

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Any further questions please do not hesitate to call our office.