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A Burglar Alarm System: Protect House and Family From Burglars

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burglar alarm systemWhen it is a matter of protecting your home and family, it comes to the priority, and you are ready to do anything in order to secure your home. Especially when you are not at home, you always worry about the security of your family.

A burglar alarm system is a device which protects you and your family in your Amelia Island home. However, this does not have to be an expensive undertaking.  There are a variety of systems on the market which offer reliable protection. With an alarm system, you will be informed immediately if anyone is trying to get access to your home.

•With an alarm system, house and family can be protected:

Thieves are particularly active in single and multi-family homes. The similar layout of many houses makes it easy for intruders to move about. In this case, burglaries can be prevented by utilizing a monitored security system. In the world of technology, there is such a wide array of new devices out there in the market which ensure better protection of your home and family.

Burglar Alarm System: Your Options

First of all, we understand that most alarm systems have common features when it comes to the technology. Various sensors are used to indicate a breach into your home, an apartment or even an external area such as a warehouse or garage.

Different types of alarm systems such as wired alarm systems, radio equipped alarm, hybrid alarm systems (mix the two systems and usehome security providers partly radio, partly wiring the system and sensors) and a growing trend is an IP-based alarming system which combines modern network technology with normal radio or wire alarm systems.

•Understand the different alarm system types

– Cable-connected systems

As the name implies, the various components of your intruder alarm system are connected to cable-connected systems. In the event of a power failure, the system can react to the battery operation and continue to provide reliable protection, which provides the usual security.

– Radio equipment

The various components of wireless intrusion systems – so-called radio systems – are connected by radio. In this way, you can install the alarm and safety technology in your home without having to lay cables. The radio equipment works reliably. If the frequency is disturbed, it automatically switches to a different channel.

– Hybrid alarm systems

As a combination of a radio and a cable-connected system, hybrid alarm systems have both wired and radio-connected components that are networked with the alarm center. The aim of this alarm and safety technology is, for example, to connect IR detectors or magnetic contacts by radio.

– IP Based Alarm System:

The IP-based system is a new trend in the market which supports the full range of all IP communications such as GPRS, GSM, and Broadband. It is designed for web-based home control so no matter if you are on the go, you can remotely monitor from your mobile phone device or if you are sitting in your office, you can see directly from your computer.

•Advantages of a wired or hybrid burglar alarm system:

– Low purchase costs: The components and sensors of the wire or hybrid alarm system are often available at lower prices than radio systems.

– Small maintenance effort: Batteries for the sensors are required for radio alarm systems. However, this is not the case for wire or hybrid systems. This eliminates the need to change the batteries.

– Efficiency: These systems are often the best value for money.

– High resistance to interferences: Although the radio alarm systems also operate with over 99% error-free operation, the transmission paths through wires are still slightly safer with the wired alarm systems.

•Advantages of IP Based alarm system

– Remote access via network and the Internet

– Remotely set and manage

– No annoying cables

– Radio transmission

– Automatic info on alarm

– Easy installation

– Variety of alarm sensors for individual assembly of your system

– Battery operation

•Strategically secured and cost effective for your family

If you want to bring down the cost of an alarm system, homeowners can opt for a DIY system. However, with new registration requirements in Duval County, DIY systems are not the best solutions anymore. Before you install your own burglar system, call us so we can review with you the pros and cons of a DIY system.


Ultimately, today you have a device that not only protects your family but also it protects your family pets and valuables when you are on vacation. You can monitor remotely your home on your mobile device or on your laptop while you are away. Incorporating a burglar alarm system within your home is sure to provide you and your family a peace of mind.

If you have been considering a burglar alarm system for your home but aren’t aware of what is available, please give us a call for any questions you may have.


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