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Here’s Why Z-Wave Is the Right Choice for Your Smart Home Network

Build Stronger Wireless Connections and Ensure Better Smart Home Security

Building a smart home security system is essential to your safety, but ensuring it’s running efficiently is often overlooked. That’s often because people don’t realize the importance of their network connection when it comes to their security.  

Your smart security system and associated smart home devices need to run on a fast, robust network for the ultimate reliability. Many homeowners believe their only wireless network option is Wi-Fi, but Z-Wave can provide stronger connections, more security, and use less power. How can it benefit your system? Find out here.

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What Is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a way of connecting your smart devices that doesn’t require Wi-Fi. Unlike a Wi-Fi router, that broadcasts a signal from a centralized location, Z-Wave joins each device in your system directly.

Many smart home components are equipped with Z-Wave functionality. As more devices connect, the signal becomes stronger since each device serves as a signal booster. This “mesh network” structure ensures reliability because it keeps your smart devices from strangling your Wi-Fi network. It also remains more secure, because the devices comprise a closed system.

The result is a fast, responsive wireless network that becomes stronger as you add to it.

Recently, developers unveiled Z-Wave Plus, which upgrades the connectivity with increased range, longer battery life, and additional radio frequency channels. While the technology itself isn’t new, the “Plus” moniker has enhanced Z-Wave’s potential in a crowded marketplace.

Additionally, Z-Wave stands out because it operates within a radio frequency range, unlike its closest competitor, dubbed Zigbee. The latter platform uses a frequency very close to Wi-Fi and can cause interference if both are used in the same area.

What’s New with Z-Wave?

While Z-Wave continues to grow in popularity among homeowners looking for a wireless solution, the platform also continues to develop technologically.

The recently released Z-Wave 700 series boasts an increased range (up to 100 meters), low power requirements, and long-lasting devices (up to 10 years.) Speculation is that the Z-Wave chip could be added to furniture and other objects to help increase the strength of the network.

Additionally, while Z-Wave devices connect with each other, you can add a central hub and control everything with a single, intuitive smart home system. Some hub devices combine both Z-Wave and Zigbee platforms, so you have a range of options available for connectivity.

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