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3 Reasons Why Smart Technology Is the Future of Your Home Security System

3 Reasons Why Smart Technology Is the Future of Your Home Security System

Technology Is Always Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

Think smart technology is a recent development? Believe it or not, Atlantic Security was installing "smart" security in and around Jacksonville way back in late eighties, starting with the powerful Westec 5000 system.

As depicted in the 1989 brochure above, the Westec 5000 offered capabilities far beyond your average home security system. If somebody approached your front door, you could use your touchtone telephone at the office to disarm the system and remotely adjust the thermostat to make it more comfortable for them.

Today, smart home security is more popular than ever. Here, I’ve broken down the top three reasons connected technology can benefit your home.

1. People are more security-conscious than ever

About three years ago, I joined a networking group where each member crafted a little tagline to share at the meeting each week. "Hmmm"... I thought about it long and hard and came up with: "AJ Hall with Atlantic Security. Keeping you safe... because there's freaks out there." The simple tagline was a huge success; people loved to say it back to me. In hindsight, I think it was so popular because the statement rings true to all of us. When you hear it, you think to yourself, "Yep, there are freaks out there."

And freaks can come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll want a security system that can help detect them and defend your property.

Modern security cameras, integrated locks, alarms, and motion detectors do far more than just create a barrier between your home and potential threats. Artificial intelligence and smart integration actively work to keep you safe. From complex facial recognition software to real-time alerts directly on your smartphone, your system keeps you in the loop about wat’s happening in and around your property.

For the responsible homeowner of today, safety for their family is a real concern.

2. "Smart" technology is more affordable than ever

Over the last century, technology has been advancing at the speed of light! It's crazy how far we've come in only my lifetime.

For example, I recently thought about a song that was popular in 2010, so I found it on YouTube. The music video featured the pop star texting on his iPhone and that thing looked ancient! This was only eight years ago.

In fact, smartphones were only invented in 2007 -- the year I graduated college. So, I didn't have a smartphone, let alone Facebook or any of the other apps we take for granted today, all throughout college.

As smart technology advances, smart security becomes more and more affordable to the average person. Even in the last four years, I've seen automation and security technology skyrocket forward.

When I started, cameras that tied into your security system were little more than glorified "baby monitors"... and they looked terrible. Dorky-looking boxes with a big antenna sticking out the side. Now, you can  install a sleek PoE dome camera powered by your security platform.

Contemporary systems can customize to your needs, from discreet additions that capture the action without being seen, to highly visible features that help ward off potential threats.

3. People want to stay connected

People are busy! And they want to stay connected to their home. I've found that my clients want to stay connected with what matters most--- their propety, their pets, and, of course, their family.

I've also found that clients want to leverage integration to make their tech easier to control. When you connect your comfort features, entertainment system and security devices, you can control everything from the same app!


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