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3 Smart Fire Safety Tips to Be Prepared During an Emergency

3 Smart Fire Safety Tips to Be Prepared During an Emergency

Technology Helps You Stay Safe, But It Starts with Preparation

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to 155,349 calls for service in 2017. That's an alarming number. If you're a homeowner in the area, you need to understand and account for the genuine possibility of a fire emergency in your home. Thankfully, it's not hard to stay safe. It just takes a little preparation.

If you're interested in learning some practical, easy fire safety tips, and how a smart fire alarm system can help simplify your plans, keep reading.

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Install Fire Alarms on Every Floor

A smart way to stay alert is by installing smoke detectors on every floor of your home. Moreover, there should be an alarm for every bedroom, and you should install each directly outside of the door, so you'll never be taken by surprise by a fire.

Traditional alarms are still an effective way to stay safe, even in a world of smart technology. However, many of the worst residential disasters occur because homeowners forget to replace the batteries twice a year.

To simplify your fire safety, consider a smart fire alarm system. Smart alarms feature centralized power with local backup, so they never go offline. Additionally, your local monitoring service can keep an eye on your integrated alarms to fix issues remotely before they become problems.

Discuss an Escape Plan

The most important thing you can do for fire safety is to plan an escape route. When a fire occurs, you and your family probably won’t have much time to get to safety, so knowing where you will exit the house and where you’ll meet up afterward is essential.

You should always plan escape routes that steer clear of furniture and home fixtures and have the fewest entryways between you and the outside. Ensure you have a backup plan as well, in case one or more routes are blocked.

Simplifying escape routes with smart technology is easy. An integrated alarm system can use your smart lighting to light paths to safety and unlock any smart access systems to ensure you won't have to fumble for keys or deal with locked doors.

Call for Help

Once you and your loved ones are safe, it’s time to call for help. Even if the fire is minor, you want to alert the authorities to prevent further damage to your property and to keep the fire from spreading.

Your smart system and remote monitoring service can help. Not only can they alert the fire department automatically, but your monitor can check in on you. That helps minimize panic and also enables you to avoid false alarms.

If you’re not home, you can receive an alert on your phone letting you know of an emergency so you can take any necessary next-steps as quickly as possible including checking on any family members that may have been there at the time.

Want to learn more smart fire safety tips and how a smart fire alarm system can help? Click here or reach us by calling 904-743-8444 or chatting with us on the bottom right.

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