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4 Reasons to Choose a Local Smart Home Security Company

4 Reasons to Choose a Local Smart Home Security Company

Quality Care and Fast Service You Can Depend On

When shopping for a smart home security system provider, you’ll find there are a plethora of options out there, both locally and nationally. Your decision behind choosing to do business with a large, national security company versus a smaller, local security company will likely come down to what kind of service response and support you wish to receive from your provider.

If you value service support that includes custom solutions, information updates, local monitoring, ongoing support, and personal connection, national security system providers will most likely let you down. The solution? Go local! Keep reading to learn the unbeatable benefits of choosing a local smart home security company for your Jacksonville, FL property.

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1. Custom Installs

When you work with a national security company, you’ll almost always be sold a system entirely over the phone. You won’t experience any face-to-face interaction with a member of their staff, they won’t do a walkthrough of your property before recommending a solution, and they’ll most likely sell you the same quick fix they sell everyone else.

Conversely, a local security company will take the time to come to your property and look at exactly what you need. Every home is different, and that means every security system will be different. While national company representatives know little about the needs of specific markets, your local security company is much more familiar with the demands that homeowners have in your community and will therefore have a better idea of what to recommend in order to meet your needs.

2. Faster Service

National security companies may excel in timely installs, but they often fail when it comes to fast service time. You may put in a service request with a large system provider and not have a technician to your home for a week or more.

Because smaller, local security companies have fewer customers, they tend to take extreme care of the ones they have. They put great emphasis on personal service and support for their customers, responding much more quickly to requests than the big guys. Instead of waiting a week or more, or settling for over-the-phone service, a local security company will send out help often as soon as the same day.

3. Care from Real Experts

Most large companies opt for automated phone systems for scale and efficiency, so when you call for service, you’ll likely be greeted with a “Press 1 for…” response. While these automated phone systems are not uncommon, they can quickly become frustrating and time consuming for those who only have a simple question or need help fast.

When you call your local security company, you’ll be greeted by a live person right away without having to jump through any hoops. Because local security companies can be personally contacted by those who live in nearby communities, they are far more accountable and reliable to answer your questions and offer the assistance you need in a timely manner.

4. Community Growth

Just like purchasing produce at your neighborhood farmers’ market or buying clothing at the locally owned boutique in town, choosing to do business with your local smart home security system provider significantly benefits your community by putting money right back into your city.

Money spent with local businesses stays right there inside the community, which not only helps your community grow economically, but it also encourages environmental sustainability by reducing the use of natural resources, pollution, and more.


For over 50 years, our team at Atlantic Security has passionately served our fellow neighbors in the Jacksonville area with custom home security systems, which we uniquely tailor to fit their needs. For a top-tier smart home security system with quick, ongoing support and the personal care of local experts, connect with our team here or send us a live chat below now!

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