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Bright Lights, Better Security: A Guide to a Safer Home

Bright Lights, Better Security: A Guide to a Safer Home

How Smart Lighting Control Helps Protect Your Amelia Island Property

If you’re concerned with security, chances are you’ve installed many of the latest smart technologies to help protect your property.

Smart locks, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and more can keep you and your family safe from harm.

But there’s one technology you may have overlooked; something you use every day, probably without even realizing it – your lighting system.

Smart lighting control can transform the way you see your property, and it can also help you stay safe. In this blog, we’ll show you some ways integrated lighting protects you and your property.

Find out more below.

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When You’re Heading Out

Before you leave your home, you may have a habit of ensuring your safety features are engaged and working properly. You may check each door to ensure it’s locked or scan your smartphone for any problems with your surveillance equipment.

You might even leave a light on to make it look like someone is inside. After all, an occupied house is far less likely to become a target.

While that principle is sound, smart technology can improve it. Integrated lighting works automatically to make it appear as if someone is inside, even when you’re miles away.

Lights alternate between rooms, lending the appearance of movement. Integrated shades and AV can even turn on and off, so it seems like your home technology is in use.

With a smart lighting system, you’ll never leave your home empty.

When You’re Coming Home

Security isn’t just about stopping criminals. It’s about keeping you safe, like when you come home from the office late at night.

On your way home, a single touch will engage your integrated lighting controls, so you don’t step into a dark house.

Plus, the same control system can adjust your outdoor lighting as well. LED illumination throughout your yard and along walkways offers a clear path to your front door, so you won’t worry about tripping on a wayward garden hose.


When You’re by the Pool

Summer is here, and ‘tis the season to go swimming. But if you’re planning a midnight dip, you want to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Smart, in-pool lighting solutions allow you to brighten up your outdoor spaces while adding a touch of elegance to your backyard.

You’ll avoid dangerous accidents and you’ll easily keep an eye on all activity thanks to high-quality lighting fixtures.

Moreover, outdoor lighting will help you keep an eye on what’s happening even when you’re not swimming. Smart lighting within the landscape foliage and around your yard will keep everything visible without bombarding you with light.


Want to learn more ways smart lighting control can enhance your lifestyle? Click here to get started.

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