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Choosing the Right Home Surveillance System

Choosing the Right Home Surveillance System

Integrate Lighting, Door Locks, and Remote Monitoring for a Robust Security System

Home surveillance systems have transformed in the last decade, offering unprecedented levels of home security. As a result, today's homeowners experience peace of mind once unimaginable, knowing that their loved ones are safe and their homes secure.

Let’s explore how the latest home surveillance system increases home safety and security in Jacksonville, FL. 

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Live Streaming Video

Gone are the stored video feeds that you could check on after a situation occurred. Well, they’re not actually gone – you can still access them. But what’s better is today’s home surveillance cameras with real-time video streaming. Thanks to the internet, you can view your home and what’s happening from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

You’ll receive a notification if motion is detected to view live or recently recorded video of the event. If you want to watch pre-recorded video of an earlier event, you can easily access all footage simply by typing a keyword to pull up the date, time, and even other details of the video.

Advanced Features

Due to artificial intelligence, smart security cameras can recognize a security alert, such as a person lurking by the front door, versus an everyday occurrence, like your nightly visit from your friendly neighborhood raccoon. This means that you won’t receive mass alerts for every movement that triggers your cameras, only those that matter.

Today’s cameras also pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ), ensuring an accurate picture of what's occurring at your home. Our certified security technicians can help you determine the correct type of camera for various locations. For example, PTZ cameras are ideal for front and rear doors. Cameras covering large areas, such as your backyard, may benefit from a static long-range camera.

Integrated Control

When integrated with other smart home features and alarms, you can beef up your security even more. For instance, when combined with your lighting, a security event can trigger a floodlight in the area of movement. 

Should an intruder be detected, lights start flashing, and your audio begins playing. Not only can the lights and noise deter any potential burglar, but they also make it easy for the police to find your home and alert your neighbors that something is wrong. Additionally, your home will immediately lock all doors.

Central Station Monitoring

The best security cameras send alerts to homeowners and emergency dispatchers. Our monitoring station receives the notification, and professional dispatchers determine if notifying first responders is warranted.

Someone attempting to enter through a side door or breaking a window in the back of the house would warrant an immediate call to the local law enforcement. However, an errant baseball hitting your front window would not result in an emergency call, limiting false alarms. 

Of course, no two homes and families are the same. Some family members may travel quite a bit, while others work from home. Others may have extensive outdoor spaces that require more surveillance. Choosing the right surveillance system for your needs requires carefully assessing your family’s daily activities and what approaches can best serve your needs. 


Protect your home with an advanced surveillance system. Learn more about your options in home surveillance by calling 904-743-8444, or schedule a complimentary consultation by contacting Atlantic Security today. 

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