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Common Pitfalls of DIY Burglar Alarm Systems

Common Pitfalls of DIY Burglar Alarm Systems

Why Home Security Is a Job Best Left to a Professional Team

The do-it-yourself (DIY) smart security marketplace is booming. With so many options on the store shelves, it’s easy to see why homeowners would try to save a few dollars by going this route. But trust us when we say it’s simply not worth it.

A professional should install a burglar alarm system because the risks of error or failed protection are too significant. Continue reading to learn about the common pitfalls of DIY home security installations and why you should turn to the professionals at Atlantic Security to ensure the safety of your home in Jacksonville, FL.

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#1: Don’t Assume Your Home Is Like All the Rest

DIY security systems promise easy installation, but the reality may be quite different once inside your home. This is because your home is unique and has its own security needs and challenges. DIY kits assume one-size-fits-most, and your home may fall outside the scope. A professional installation team will assess your home’s layout before recommending solutions, ensuring your home’s weakest spots are identified and addressed for maximum coverage

#2: It Can’t Do What You Need

Installing a burglar alarm system is much more complex than installing alarms on doors and windows. For example, you may want a security solution that fits into your home’s technology ecosystem—fitting in means integrating with motion detectors, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and smart controls. Be prepared that most customization options fall outside of the capabilities of a DIY kit.

#3: No Reliable Monitoring or Support

You may want to subscribe to ongoing monitoring and support once you’ve purchased a burglar alarm system. For example, if you experience a break-in, a monitored system would ensure that law enforcement is notified immediately – even if you’re fast asleep. Not all out-of-the-box solutions will offer such services; if they do, they may not be local or reliable. With Atlantic Security, you can rest assured knowing that our central monitoring station is always available.

#4: Challenging Installation

DIY is not an acronym for “easy,” yet many people think so. While you may save money purchasing an off-the-shelf system, it may cost you more than you’d like in time and hassle when it comes to installation. A professional team can save you from the headaches of improper installation and ensure your new system will function at its best.

#5: Short-Lived Safety

Homeowners who purchase retail security products are surprised to learn that some may be outdated. That’s because stores often put older technology on sale to clear their shelves faster. But, purchasing an outdated security system could risk your home’s technology ecosystem. Choosing the right and most current systems is critical for the safety of your home.


When it’s time to purchase and install a burglar alarm system for your Jacksonville, FL, home, do yourself a favor and hire a professional team like Atlantic Security. We’re your local experts committed to a safer community. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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