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Discover the Reliability of PowerG Security System Technology

Discover the Reliability of PowerG Security System Technology

PowerG Offers All the Benefits of Traditional Wired Security without the Wires

Wireless communication is woven into the fabric of our lives. We rely on numerous wireless devices every day for both work and leisure, from smartphones and tablets to speakers and smart light bulbs—the list goes on. Following this trend is the home alarm system, which has seen a rapid shift from hardwired to wireless as technology advances and offers more reliable solutions.

PowerG is a leading wireless security technology that addresses the key requirements for wireless home alarm systems: privacy, performance, and reliability. This revolutionary encrypted technology lets homeowners enjoy ultra-reliable security performance with unparalleled cyber protection—without the hassle of wires.

Atlantic Security is one of the few installers in Jacksonville, FL that uses PowerG solutions as their go-to hardware for home security installations. If you want to say bye to weak wireless signals and compromised security systems, keep reading to learn why you should trust PowerG.

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Nearly Impossible to Jam with FHSS

PowerG uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to mitigate radio frequency jamming, which can keep your alarm sensors from communicating with your alarm system. When intruders know the radio frequency at which your wireless devices communicate, they can potentially jam the frequency with a stronger signal and block sensor signals from reaching the panel. If they’re successful, intruders can then enter your home without activating your security system.

FHSS technology, which was originally designed for military use, changes the frequency of a transmission faster than an intruder can retune a jamming device. The PowerG network never remains on a single frequency but switches frequencies 64 times a second using an encrypted pseudo-random sequence. As a result, PowerG devices successfully overcome interferences and jamming.

Secure Communication with AES Encryption

PowerG sensors communicate with your security panel using a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to keep even the most advanced hackers from accessing and deciphering transmitted data. AES encryption is so powerful that the National Security Agency stated it was secure enough to protect its own information at top-secret levels!

You can think of AES encryption as a locked mailbox with no slot for mail. Anyone who wants to leave a letter or read a letter must have the key to the mailbox. AES encryption uses one key, which is shared only between the sender and receiver, to encrypt and decrypt data. AES guarantees strong authentication and security for all your PowerG devices.

4x the Range of Traditional Wireless Technology

PowerG is at the cutting-edge of long-range security capabilities. When a sensor is too far away from your panel, you could be at risk of compromised home security. The weaker the signal, the less reliable your system. PowerG uses transmitters that deliver signals from your sensors to your panel at 4x the range of legacy signaling technologies! There’s no need for wires or repeaters for strong, dependable home security.

Interested in upgrading to PowerG wireless home security? Call on Atlantic Security. We’re an award-winning home security company in the Jacksonville area and we’re ready to assist you on your next home security project. Connect with us by calling 904-743-8444 or filling out our contact form. We’re eager to work with you!

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