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Enjoy the Safety and Convenience of a Total Home Control System

Enjoy the Safety and Convenience of a Total Home Control System

Expand Your Security System into a Complete Home Solution

Many homeowners love the peace of mind that an security system can add to their property. They know that a trusted brand is there to help protect their spaces and loved ones in case of any potential threats that may arise. But what many don’t know is that offers more than just world-class residential security products – they also provide you with life-simplifying, energy-saving home control system solutions. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways can transform a safe home into a smart home.

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Automated Lighting Control

One of the smartest ways to start saving energy in your home is with a simple, convenient lighting control system. Whether you want to minimize usage when nobody’s in the room, you want to create a layered look with dimmers or you want to know which lights are being used at any given time, can help.

They offer remote control of your lights via your smartphone or tablet so you can turn each fixture on and off with ease. And they also offer hands-free solutions, like sensors and pre-set timers, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the lights every time you leave the room.

Plus, because it’s, they put safety first by allowing you to integrate your lighting control with your security system, to brighten any space if the alarm is triggered.

Smart Thermostat Integration

For some, staying comfortable is almost as important as staying safe. In those cases, a smart thermostat is a great way to stay cool while keeping an eye on your energy usage. That’s why offers thermostat integration as part of their home control solutions.

Smart thermostats keep track of when you’re in the house and when you’re not, so your climate control system doesn’t waste energy cooling people who aren’t around. They also offer real time updates on how much energy is being used, so you can manage any room’s temperature remotely.

Additionally, you can install window sensors that help keep track of the temperature in the room, and automatically turn the climate system on or off depending on your optimal, pre-set temperature. 

Integrating Smart Solutions and Security

As a security company first, wants you to maintain control of the basic functions of your home while still staying safe. That’s why all of their control solutions integrate seamlessly with their security solutions like smoke detectors, smart locks and alarm systems. When you’re heading out the door, one touch on your smartphone or tablet will activate an away mode, arming your security features, locking your doors and adjusting your lights and thermostat to their appropriate, respective settings. You can trust in a total home solution when you work with


Are you interested in enhancing your smart security with a home control system? Contact Atlantic Security for more information by clicking the “Let’s Talk” button on the bottom right of your screen, or by calling us at 904-743-8444.

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