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Home Automation Company Spotlight:

Home Automation Company Spotlight:

Home Security Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

In our last blog post, we talked about Control4 and how it performs as a home automation system, and why you should bring its power into your Jacksonville, FL home. However, because technology has come so far and evolves so rapidly, we also wanted to share another smart home automation company with you—

While isn’t quite as robust as Control4, the power behind, and how it can simplify your home is incredible. Atlantic Security is an official dealer, but before we talk about how we can help you, let’s dive into what is and how it can bring your smart technology together.

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Smarter Security 

If you’re expecting basic alarms and sensors, you’ll be blown away by what can do.’s functionality goes far beyond the basic security systems you may be used to. This smart security system ties together your other smart devices like lighting control, cameras, smart locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and smart thermostats all into one cohesive system that works in tandem to keep your home as safe as possible. 

While you and the authorities will be alerted of an intruder breaking into your back door or through a window, that’s not all an system can do. You’ll be alerted of intruders the moment an image sensor detects them, and a photo of what’s happening will be sent to your smartphone via the app

Your system can also keep you protected in other ways. Let’s say your carbon monoxide sensor goes off. Your system can tell your smart thermostat to shut down the HVAC system in your home to limit the spread of the dangerous gas as you evacuate

Simple Home Management

Smart home security from means smarter home automation for ultimate convenience. collects real-time data from your security sensors and connected devices to understand your activity patterns and take more intelligent actions on your behalf than standalone devices can. 

If that’s not enough, your system’s Geo-Services knows when you’re coming and going. That means it can automatically send you a reminder to turn your security alarms on, turn outside lights on or off, and even cool your house to the perfect temperature before you arrive home. 

If you’re ready to bring the power of to your home, Atlantic Security is prepared to help. Reach out by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to telling you more about how can keep your home secure!

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