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How Doorbell Cameras Protect Your Home and Offer Peace of Mind

How Doorbell Cameras Protect Your Home and Offer Peace of Mind

Monitor Who’s at Your Door at All Times, Home or Away

Doorbell camera installations have become increasingly popular over the past few years. When homeowners want to enhance their sense of safety at home, they opt to install a comprehensive doorbell camera system. These doorbells are installed outside the front door where your doorbell is, giving a sense of security whether you’re home or away. At Atlantic Security, our team of certified staff has installed doorbell systems in homes throughout St. Augustine, FL. Read on to learn more.

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Benefits and Features of a Doorbell Camera System

There are many benefits and features in today’s doorbell camera systems. Many camera technologies now include advanced features like two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision, and high quality regardless of light levels or weather conditions. These complement the primary camera functions of taking video, still photos, and screenshots of activity outside your home. 

Homeowners can receive instant alerts and notifications on their phones, iPads, or other smart devices when someone approaches their home. It is also important to note that these doorbells are designed with features that work in all weather conditions, so rain, snow, or extreme temperatures should not disrupt the capabilities of your camera system.

More Than a Camera

Homeowners can communicate directly through the doorbell with visitors, delivery people, or their families outside the door. These two-way audio capabilities have added an extra layer of protection for the home—if someone you don’t recognize shows up, you can speak to them first to see why. Doorbell cameras can also be fully integrated into other security systems throughout your smart home

When choosing a doorbell camera, you should consider the quality of the video, compatibility with other technologies, and the amount of storage available for recorded video to be saved. When it comes to meeting your needs, our team at Atlantic Security can help. We’ll do a complete walk-through of your home’s exterior, allowing us to review both public access and more private areas of your property to create a comprehensive plan for your installation. 

Working with an Installer

Homeowners in St. Augustine, Florida, can benefit from the 24/7 monitoring services a fully integrated security system can provide. When working with an installer like Atlantic Security, you can rest assured that your doorbell cameras will be installed correctly and work efficiently. As normal wear and tear occurs over time, we’ll be here to help you with maintenance calls as needed. As a local expert contractor, we take pride in customer service for families and homes throughout St. Augustine!


Ready to bolster your home’s security with a state-of-the-art doorbell camera? Look no further than right here. Contact us at Atlantic Security today and speak with our team of experts—we can’t wait to hear from you!


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