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How Facial Recognition Will Impact Your Security Camera System

How Facial Recognition Will Impact Your Security Camera System

A Smarter Way Toward Home Safety

If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone X, you may have noticed the unusual way it can unlock. It’s not with a PIN or even a fingerprint. Instead, Apple’s latest smartphone allows you to open it by recognizing your face.

Facial recognition is real, and it’s the next big thing in surveillance technology.

Law enforcement already uses advanced AI to keep track of suspicious individuals, and you can secure your Amelia Island, Fl in a similar fashion.

Here, we’ll show you how modern facial recognition technology can enhance your security camera system. Find out more after the jump.

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Facial Recognition Is Already Here

Though it may seem like a sci-fi movie, facial recognition technology is already a part of your everyday life.

In fact, Jacksonville law enforcement officers used the technology way back in 2015 to help apprehend an escaped suspect after a drug bust gone wrong.

Before he could flee, some officers were able to take cell phone pictures of the suspect. Three weeks later, by reviewing local security camera footage and running it through a facial recognition database, they were able to apprehend the suspect.

He was later convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison. Many in law enforcement saw it as an unequivocal victory for the technology.

How AI Works in Your Home

Of course, you’re not hoping to catch every criminal that runs through town. You simply want to protect your home.

In most residential cases, the technology will have a much friendlier air about it.

For instance, it will recognize family members who walk through the door and tell your security system not to arm because the person is familiar.

It can work similarly for the people you see regularly, like your mail-carrier or gardener. Once it sees someone it’s not familiar with, you can receive a push notification on your smartphone or tablet.

From there, you can take the appropriate actions.

AI Is Still in Its Infancy

Because we’re just now starting to take artificial intelligence seriously – in security, law enforcement and even retail – we’re starting to see many of the kinks come out.

That convicted drug dealer we mentioned before? He’s appealing his conviction. And the court ruling could have an impact on how facial recognition is used by the government.

But despite the controversies, applications in residential settings are lower impact and only serve to enhance your system.

And you can start feeling those benefits sooner than you think.

If you’re interested in learning more about surveillance cameras, facial recognition or any other home security topics, let’s talk!


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