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How Well Do Home Security Cameras Help Deter Criminal Activity?

How Well Do Home Security Cameras Help Deter Criminal Activity?

Keep Thieves at Bay with a Little Help from Your Local Security System Company

Homeowners today have many options to consider when looking for solutions to better protect their property from burglars: deadbolt locks, gated entries, alarm systems, motion-activated lights, and the list goes on.

One of the most popular smart home solutions homeowners ask their local security system company for is surveillance. Each year, more families in Jacksonville, FL are investing in robust home security cameras for improved peace of mind and better protection of what matters most.

But just how well do security cameras work? Are they a worthwhile investment? Do decoy cameras offer a similar level of protection? We answer these questions below.


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Intruders Look for Cameras First

If you install a home surveillance camera, your home is already 300 percent less likely to be broken into compared to homes without surveillance cameras. If that’s not reason enough to invest in home security cameras, then we’ve listed some more intriguing statistics below.

The UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice says that 60 percent of convicted burglars claim to look for security cameras before attempting to intrude, and 40 percent say that visible security cameras motivate them to retreat and seek an easier target.

Likewise, the Electronic Security Association conducted a similar study and found that an even higher 83 percent of burglars determine whether a home has security cameras before they enter. If the potential intruders notice any surveillance, then 60 percent claim to avoid those homes and go somewhere else.

Quality Video Helps Authorities Catch Criminals

If you don’t have outdoor security cameras, then indoor security cameras work well, too—especially if they’re connected to your smartphone to instantly alert you when motion is detected.

Video monitoring is a safer and more proactive solution than standalone video. It allows you to view real-time footage of your home around the clock, no matter where you are. When motion is detected, automatically receive a clip of the action on your smartphone, and even program your security system to send an alert to the authorities if the detected motion is indeed an intruder.

In 2018, the London Metro Police said they were able to identify about 5,000 suspects due to high-quality video footage. HD surveillance cameras with advanced video analytics use AI technology to spot clear details of burglars’ characteristics so that authorities can more quickly and easily catch the perpetrators and keep them from breaking into other homes.

Decoy Security Cameras Work – Until They Don’t

Because many home invaders look for security cameras before breaking in, some homeowners believe cheaper decoy cameras would have the same effect as a real, robust surveillance system when it comes to deterring intruders. The truth is that decoy cameras work—until they don’t.

False cameras may scare burglars away for a while, but once they figure out your cameras aren’t real—or if they decide to run the risk of breaking in anyway—there’s no way to stop them unless you have further protective measures in place, such as an alarm system or motion-detected lights. In fact, there’s no way to even record their activity or send video footage to the authorities. The damage is done, and there’s no visual proof to show who did the crime.


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