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Is Voice Control the Future of Your Home Security System?

Is Voice Control the Future of Your Home Security System?

How Amazon Alexa Is Stepping into Security

For a long time, it was taken for granted that voice control and security don’t go together. After all, voice control is a relatively new technology – what’s to keep the bad guys from simply saying “Alexa, disarm the alarms?”

But, of course, technology keeps changing. And there’s no stopping voice control upgrades to any part of your home technology, including your smart security system.

Maybe that’s why the Alexa platform has recently made its boldest steps yet into the home security market. Will this be a game changer? Find out by reading below!

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Alexa Guard

The technology experts at Amazon have been making their way into different parts of the integrated technology world. Their latest concoction? Alexa Guard, and it’s included in the Alexa software. According to Engadget:

“It's called "guard mode," and it can be activated whenever you tell Alexa that you've left your house. It's made up of a few smart alerts, specifically when your Echo (or other Alexa speaker) hears the sound of breaking glass or detects an alarm from a smoke or CO2 detector. In any of those cases, it'll record a clip of the sound and send it to your phone, so you are aware of the alert.”

So, as you can see it’s not a total security package. Instead, it uses the power of the Echo speaker to receive and understand sounds as an additional layer to home protection.

But Amazon doesn’t stop there. Guard mode also integrates with other security features like lighting to make your home look occupied while you’re out. And it can integrate with some security services to notify the proper authorities in case of an emergency.

Is This a Game Changer?

Alexa and other voice control technologies are very cool, there’s no denying that. And they’ve had a surprisingly big impact on the world of smart home automation over the past few years. But is your Echo ready to take on the world of home security? Probably not.

Guard mode has some great features, but they’re nothing we haven’t seen before. And while using an integrated speaker as a listening device may add a dimension to your security system, it’s nothing new. You’ll be better served having a professional installer come in and lay out a series of sound and pressure sensors at potential entry for fuller, more robust coverage.

Plus, Lutron lighting and offer similar lighting and security features already. If you’re looking to upgrade to a safer home, we recommend going with established experts.


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