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Make Your Smart Thermostat Even Smarter

Make Your Smart Thermostat Even Smarter

Gain Peace of Mind by Integrating Your Smart Thermostat with Your Commercial Security System

First off, what makes a thermostat smart? A smart thermostat connects to your HVAC system and the internet, is controllable by an app—be it on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop—and can modify the building temperature without requiring you to tell the thermostat to change. Connecting your smart thermostat to your commercial security system packs an even bigger punch.

Read the rest of this blog for reasons why you should connect your smart Wi-Fi thermostat to the commercial security system in your Amelia Island, FL business.

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A smart thermostat by can easily integrate into your existing commercial security system to ensure your business is running smoothly. With an added wireless temperature sensor, an thermostat can monitor the temperature of whichever room you place the sensor inside, not solely the location surrounding the thermostat; this expands the reach of your smart thermostat and allows you to set an average temperature amongst office spaces when you have multiple office spaces equipped with a wireless sensor. The more wireless temperature sensors you've installed, the more data points you have for collecting information on your business and making well informed energy-saving decisions!

If there’s an extreme temperature change inside your building, you can also receive a notification via the app of any heating or cooling system issues, then remotely turn off your system to avoid any potential damage.


Beyond setting, monitoring, and adjusting room temperature, an smart thermostat uses smart security intelligence to alert you when there are wide temperature variances, such as when a window is broken into or door is left ajar. In the case of carbon monoxide or smoke, your smart thermostat will shut off to prevent spreading smoke or carbon monoxide throughout your commercial warehouse or office suite.


Remember those wireless temperature sensors? Wireless sensors for motion detection are also available, or you can tie in your smart thermostat to window and door sensors, all of which you can integrate into your commercial security system.

If everyone has left for the day, a thermostat tied to a motion sensor can detect that no one is in the room, then shut off the thermostat. This feature ensures you aren't wasting money on air conditioning or heating an empty office.

You can also program your smart thermostat to automatically turn on when you show up to the office and disarm the security alarm at the beginning of the workday. Once you’ve wrapped up for the workday and are ready to head home, simply arm your commercial security system and your smart thermostat will adjust to the desired temperature you’ve previously designated.

If you want to get started with tying your smart thermostat to your commercial security system or are interested in other smart products our team at Atlantic Security can provide, call us at (904) 743-8444 or contact us online.

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