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Modern Home Security Installation Offers Peace of Mind

Modern Home Security Installation Offers Peace of Mind

Smart Home Security Brings Unprecedented Levels of Protection

Home security installation has come a long way since we first began our mission of securing homes and businesses in St. Augustine, FL, and the surrounding areas over 50 years ago. Today's systems offer an unprecedented level of protection, from alerts that notify us when something out of the ordinary occurs to homes that automatically lock down when an unknown person crosses a perimeter. Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have made securing our homes almost effortless. 

Let’s look at the latest innovations and the best solutions for you and your family. 

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Effortless Control from Anywhere

Fortunately, few of us will experience a home invasion. That’s why today’s home security systems do much more than warn us with loud, blazing alarms when someone is attempting to gain entry. They help us feel comfortable and confident in our day-to-day lives, knowing we’ll receive notifications regarding everyday activities. 

Did someone leave the front door unlocked or forget to arm the alarm when they ran out of the house in a hurry? You’ll receive an alert and can lock the door and arm the alarm from your smartphone app or laptop wherever you are in the world. Did someone cross the pool’s invisible perimeter unexpectedly? You can take a quick glimpse at the live feed on your video cameras to make sure it wasn’t your four-year-old wandering off while her nanny was making lunch. 

Unusual Activity Alerts

By the time an alarm goes off, it can be too late to take preventative action. Today’s smart security systems use artificial intelligence to learn your regular behavior patterns. Then, when something out-of-the-ordinary occurs, you'll receive a notification and can take action before the unthinkable happens. This may be your toddler opening the backdoor to take a midnight stroll or heading to the laundry room to wash their teddy bear.

Professional Monitoring Services

Should an emergency occur, our professional monitoring service is there for you 24/7, alerting law enforcement, the fire department, or emergency medical services instantly.

Effortless Control

By integrating your home security system with your home automation, you experience effortless control. When it’s time for bed, simply tap the "Good Night" button on your app, and the doors lock, the alarm arms, the lights turn off, and your bedroom settles into the perfect temperature. 

Atlantic Security has been protecting homes and loved ones since 1968. In that time, we've installed over 25,000 systems, making us highly qualified to ensure that your system is the best for your family and their unique considerations. To learn more about home security installations or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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