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Protect Your Home and Family with Alarm System Monitoring

Protect Your Home and Family with Alarm System Monitoring

Let Professionals Keep a Watchful Eye Over Your Home and Loved Ones 24/7

At Atlantic Security, we've protected homes and families in Jacksonville, FL, for over 50 years. As leaders in the home-security community, we’ve found that one of the critical features every homeowner should look for in their security system is alarm system monitoring. Let's explore what this system offers and why it's essential to the safety and welfare of families and their property. 

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Smart Alarm Systems

Today’s smart alarm systems offer integrated technology that was once limited to the imagination. For example, many homes are now protected with video surveillance and smart doorbell cameras. Some even have access control, requiring fingerprints to enter their home. 

These systems also integrate with smart home technology, locking the doors, flashing the lights, and setting off the alarm when a security event occurs. When something out of the ordinary does happen, you receive an alert. These alerts may include notifying you that someone left the door unlocked or that a person is at your front door. In addition, you may receive a glass-breaking alert or notification that someone just entered your side gate. 

Your first reaction is to check your home security camera’s live video feed on your mobile device. But what if you’re at work or driving? Maybe you’re shopping or in a meeting. It’s difficult to be on-call and available 24/7 in case of emergencies, yet those first few minutes can make a significant difference in the outcome. 

The Importance of Alarm System Monitoring

While today’s smart security systems offers safety and security measures that were once limited to commercial establishments, they provides little protection if emergency personnel are not notified in time. Not only do homeowners not have the practice and training to react immediately in an emergency, but as we’ve demonstrated, they’re not always in the position or location where they can look at the live video feed and make the call.

That’s where our professional security monitoring system comes in. We offer 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your family remains under our watchful eye every day of the year and every hour of the day. Our central monitoring station is staffed by trained professionals who can determine if the situation warrants a call to law enforcement or if it's simply a false alarm. Like you, we'll receive notice regarding the type of emergency: burglar, fire, gas leak, or CO poisoning. Then, if warranted, an immediate call is made to first responders, whether to the fire department, law enforcement, or emergency medical services. 

Are you ready to feel a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that your home and family are protected no matter where you are in the world? At Atlantic Security, we specialize in tailored security systems designed for each family’s unique needs. To learn more about the latest home security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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