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Should Your Home Security Installation Be Hardwired or Wireless?

Should Your Home Security Installation Be Hardwired or Wireless?

Will a Lower-Cost System Offer the Same Results?

A home security installation is essential to protecting your Jacksonville, FL property. From smart surveillance to integrated alarms, you can ensure your home remains safe from harm at all times day or night.

But installing security can become a confusing process – especially if you’re considering the difference between hardwired and wireless systems.

So, which one will give you the most benefit? This blog will explore the primary differences between hardwired and wireless security systems. Just keep reading for more.

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The Benefits of Wireless

Wireless systems have transformed the industry. Not only can you avoid costly installation, but you can also seemingly add components to your system whenever you feel like.

At least, those are some of the most common ways homeowners think about wireless systems. The truth is a bit more complicated.

For instance, wireless surveillance cameras are a great addition to your home. An installer can quickly and easily mount the device and have you keeping an eye on your property in relatively little time.

But wireless connections are hard to keep stable throughout the day. Environmental changes could impact the quality of the video you stream. Your 4K or 1080p video could look far worse if you’re not careful.

Plus, just because a system is wireless doesn’t mean it has infinite bandwidth. Bandwidth is the measure of space that your network has available to add devices. Higher bandwidth means more space.

Wireless networks can feature limited bandwidth, putting strain on your system and causing disruptions and blackouts.

The Benefits of a Hardwired System

In the 21st century, a hardwired system may seem a bit old-fashioned. But many integrators would argue that the old ways are still the best when it comes to signal strength and reliability.

Hardwired connections for your surveillance system and motion detectors will help make sure those devices rarely if ever go offline and deliver strong imagery for easy streaming.

And a hardwired system is also much harder to hack. In an age where cyber security is a must, you can ensure the most basic of protections by simply connecting each device through in-wall cables rather than relying on wireless connections.

That will help keep automated entry systems and surveillance cameras safe, so you can continue to count on them.


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