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Smart Home Integration Offers the Ultimate Security

Smart Home Integration Offers the Ultimate Security

Experience Unprecedented Peace of Mind with a Custom Security Installation

In the past decade, smart security systems have transformed the home security market. Today, they are advanced connected ecosystems that work together to protect your family and home while enabling you to manage it all remotely from a single app. 

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art security systems since 1968. Each security installation is custom-integrated. After all, no two families, homes, or neighborhoods are the same, and your security system should reflect that. 

There is, however, one common element—an enhanced peace of mind that’s hard to explain until experienced. Let’s explore how the latest technology protects your home and the personalization that creates the ideal security system in Jacksonville, FL.

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Smart Detectors

Smart detectors and sensors have changed the face of modern home security. They detect nearly everything, from a garage door accidentally left open to a water leak in the utility room. They detect when the kids or a babysitter is opening an off-limits cabinet, if if there’s motion by the back door after everyone’s asleep, and if someone forgot to set the alarm when they left for the day. 

Even better? They send you alerts so that you know, too. Today, you can manage your devices with one touch on a mobile device no matter where you are, from arming the alarm to closing the garage or activating the smart water shut-off valve.

Smart Security Cameras

Today’s security cameras are AI smart, which means they can differentiate between a family member, a stranger, your dog, and the neighborhood raccoon. Should a stranger come to your door or linger by your car in the driveway, you’ll receive an alert. 

Do your kids come home from school at a certain time each day? Not only will you receive a notice when they arrive, but you'll also receive an alert if they don’t come home when expected. Should the alarm go off, you’ll immediately receive a video clip, enabling you to determine if it’s an emergency or a false alarm. 

Smart Door Locks & Light

The best security systems integrate with your door locks and lights. If you hear a sound at night, you can turn on the lights in the area and lock all the doors immediately, whether in bed or watching a movie with the family. 

Smart Home

Your smart security system does double duty when you're away on a business trip or the family's enjoying a long weekend getaway. Not only does it keep an eye on your property, send alerts, and turn on outdoor lights when movement is detected, but it also makes your home appear occupied. At random times, it turns lights on and off and opens and closes your motorized window coverings. Anyone looking on will think someone’s home. 

As you can imagine, this level of integration requires a professional installation. With over 25,000 under our belt, you can be confident in our team’s abilities to create a customized system that optimizes your home's security while enhancing your everyday life. To learn more about our security installation process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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