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What Are the Benefits of a Video Surveillance System?

What Are the Benefits of a Video Surveillance System?

Keep an Eye on Your Ponte Vedra Beach Property

Leaving the house can be stressful. When you’re not around, just about anything could go wrong. That’s why many homeowners invest in advanced security features for their property. And the one feature that offers the most peace of mind is a video surveillance system. Honeywell offers plenty of smart solutions to fit your needs. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the different benefits you can expect from a home surveillance system. Read on for more.

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Modern Discretion

Some homeowners love the idea of a surveillance system, but don’t want big, bulky machines ruining the look of their property. That’s why Honeywell offers a variety of devices that won’t dominate the space. You can discreetly place cameras in just about any room for full visibility.

But don’t forget: a camera or two left in plain view can help deter crime before it happens. Make sure that your system isn’t just capturing the action, but is helping prevent potential threats as well.

Enhanced Technology

If you’re concerned that your system will just record everything indiscriminately, you don’t have to worry. Advanced modern technology helps your cameras capture footage when it’s most necessary, and send you real time updates when anything is amiss. From height and facial-detection software built in, to optional, integrated motion sensors that trigger your device, you can be sure you’re only seeing what’s necessary.

If a stranger approaches the door, you can receive a push notification via the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. However, when your dog steps into the back yard, you won’t be disturbed.

Viewing and Storage

Of course, even with discretionary technology, you could still have hours and hours of footage to go through if you ever need to review it. That’s why Honeywell makes it easy by storing and sorting your footage with easy-to-use navigation features, like date, time, camera and more.

Plus, you can always access your cameras and view footage in real-time via the Honeywell mobile app. Sneak a peek at what’s going on around your property whether you’re in the bedroom, at the grocery store or miles away at your office.


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