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What to Look for in a Smart Burglar Alarm System

What to Look for in a Smart Burglar Alarm System

These Systems Provide Remote Access and Instant Alerts

According to CrimeGrade, St. Augustine, FL, is relatively safe, with 57% of cities in the U.S. reported as more dangerous and 43% safer. Despite this, homes in this beautiful coastal city have a 300% greater chance of being robbed if they do not have a security or burglar alarm system

The good news is that these systems have become “smart” over the last decade, making securing your home effortless. Let’s explore the latest features and how they’re helping homeowners and their families feel safe and protected.

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What Is a Smart Alarm System?

One thing that makes a burglar alarm system smart is its connection to the network. This gives them remote capability, which means you can connect to them via an app from anywhere. It allows you to view live video footage from your security cameras and receive notifications when your alarms go off, whether at home, at work, or vacationing in the Bahamas. 

Some of the essential features to look for in a smart home alarm system include the following: 

  • Motion and Glass Break Sensors: These sensors use acoustic, infrared, or microwave technology to detect movement and the sound and vibrations of glass breaking. About 23% of home invasions occur by burglars entering through a window. 

When triggered, you and the monitoring company receive alerts. When these sensors are connected to your security cameras, you can receive visual alerts, with a live video popping up on your smartphone. These sensors trigger the alarm when someone makes their way into your home.

Door and window sensors are also critical features, with 34% of burglars entering through the front door and 22% entering via the back door. 

  • Fire and Flood Alarms: These alarms protect you and your family from environmental threats. Smoke and CO sensors detect environmental hazards, and the alarm lets you know you're in danger. Some of today's smart systems offer voice and location alerts, identifying whether it's a carbon monoxide or fire emergency and which room it's located in. We can also connect them to your lighting system, offering a safe and well-lit escape route in the event of a fire.

Water sensors alert you to water damage that may come from overflowing toilets, sump-pump failures, burst pipes, and heavy rainfall in a short time. St. Augustine experienced four serious flooding events in five years, with the most recent historic flooding caused by Ian, the hurricane turned tropical storm. 

  • Alarm monitoring: Professional monitoring offers 24/7 support. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring center contacts you to see if support is needed. Then, if you don’t respond or if you require help, they contact emergency first responders for you. 

A few other important integrations are security cameras with two-way audio and door locks that lock down your home in case of a security threat. We know it's a lot to consider. At Atlantic Security, we've been protecting homeowners and their families since 1968 and can help you determine the best system for your unique situation. To learn more about smart alarms or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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