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What to Look For in Your Next Business Security System

What to Look For in Your Next Business Security System

The New Year Brings New Technology for Protecting Your Spaces

The New Year is here, and it’s time to start thinking about the tech that will help you protect your Jacksonville business in the coming months.

And while 2017 was a banner year for home automation, 2018 is already shaping up to drastically change integrated commercial security.

From systems that help you manage traffic within your business to software that learns how to protect your spaces, your business security system will be doing a lot more in the New Year. Want to find out what you can expect? Just keep reading.

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Artificial Intelligence Is on the Rise

One of the biggest changes coming down the line in the New Year is the inclusion of artificial intelligence for commercial applications.

AI can help you and your business understand customer behavior and make predictions for what they’ll do next.

Predictive analytics is one of the fastest growing aspects of security, because it can help prevent problems before they start.

For instance, you may notice someone hovering around your restricted spaces. Depending on their movements, your system can tell whether or not they’re likely to try and enter.

You’ll receive a notification before the event occurs, so you can take appropriate action before anything goes wrong.

Predictive Analytics Helps With More Than Security

Of course, your surveillance cameras can do a lot more than that.

In 2018, surveillance can help you run a better business.

The analytics software available to you can help with queue management, help determine which products will be popular and more.

With a simple glance at your display screen, you can make real-time calls regarding the state of your business.

Cyber Security

Another important aspect of your commercial security system goes beyond physical protections.

In fact, in the New Year your computer system is probably more at risk than your brick and mortar establishment.

If you run your business online, you’ll need to invest in a security system that helps prevent online attacks.

For instance, installing a firewall, regularly changing passwords, setting up anti-virus and malware protections can keep your business running.


What more can you do to keep your business safe in the New Year? Plenty!

If you have more questions about how your space can benefit from upgrading your business security system, let’s talk.

Just click the button at the bottom of your screen to speak with a live representative right now.

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