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Why a Smoke Detector Is an Essential Part of a Home Security System

Why a Smoke Detector Is an Essential Part of a Home Security System

Protect Your Home from Threats Big and Small

Home security is an essential part of maintaining peace of mind – especially as the holiday season quickly approaches.

But while you may focus on threats like break-in and theft, you're far more likely to face environmental dangers in the form of water, fire, or gas leaks.

As technology has advanced, one of the most important devices you can have in your system to reduce these risks is a good, old-fashioned smoke detector.

Well, maybe not “old-fashioned.” In this blog, we’ll show you how modern smart smoke detectors work as part of the security system in your Jacksonville home, and why you should install one today.

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Smoke Detection

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a smoke detector. Essentially, when it senses smoke, it lets out a piercing alarm. With early detection, you and your family can get to safety before any severe damage is done.

But smart smoke detectors work a bit differently. Not only can they tell you when there’s smoke in the air, but also harmful gasses like CO2 and other invisible threats.

This makes them perfect for your property.

Perhaps the most impressive part of your system is the way it can alert the proper authorities that something is amiss. In combination with your remote-monitoring system, your technology can remain vigilant while you're at home and away – so you never have to worry about being left unprotected.

The smoke detectors communicate directly with one of our monitoring stations, and you’ll receive an instant notification on your smartphone letting you know there’s a gas leak or fire in your home.

Technology Integration

Additionally, contemporary units do much more than just sound an alarm. They integrate with your other home technology to ensure your safety.

As part of a smart home system, your alarm can talk to integrated components like lights and door locks to ensure you have a safe path out of your home in case of emergency.

It can also work with integrated sprinkler systems and other fire-prevention technologies to help nullify immediate dangers and minimize damage.

Plus, our backup cellular connection will ensure you’re in touch with the fire department even in case of power outages and other impediments.


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