Commercial Alarms and Monitoring


Burglary, Hold-Up, Theft

A burglary, hold-up, or theft can have a lasting impact on your business through the loss of property and security for customers and staff.

  • Easy-to-use systems utilize smart devices to pinpoint any alarm or trouble.
  • A variety of unobtrusive door sensors, motion, and glass breakage detectors increase protection.
  • Digital alerts allow you to know immediately when there is an unauthorized individual present.
  • 24/7 monitoring from three different locations results in continuous and effective protection.


Access Control

Keycards are an integral part of your business security system. They can help you control and monitor the flow of people and/or vehicles through your doors, turnstiles, and parking lot barriers.

  • Keycards increase building security.
  • They are easily replaced if a card is ever lost or stolen.
  • Eye scanners or thumbprint readers with customized biometric systems are available.
  • We are an experienced partner for small and large security upgrades.

fire systems

Fire Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are becoming a standard requirement for many commercial facilities, and they are important for protecting your personnel as well as your assets.

  • We are nationally certified with hundreds of successful installations.
  • We meet all necessary fire codes at an affordable rate.
  • We work closely with your architects, local authorities, fire marshal, and builder to create the right solutions.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are an important addition to business security. They can deter theft but also verify workplace productivity, and workers’ compensation claims.

  • Maximizes your commercial security camera systems with motion detection features.
  • Expert camera placement is achieved with every professional installation.
  • All cameras provide a continuous digital feed and constant digital recording.
  • Trained professionals oversee the installation and management of your system.
  • Atlantic Security’s expert camera systems help keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are.
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