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Discover the Benefits of a Home Monitoring System

Discover the Benefits of a Home Monitoring System

Protect Your Home & Loved Ones From Anywhere

Whether you’re away on vacation, out of town on a business trip, or at work in Augustine, FL, it’s nice to know your home and family are protected. Today’s smart home monitoring system lets you check on your home, receive emergency alerts, and manage your security from anywhere in the world. 

These "smart" systems work with automated lighting, door locks, and security cameras, letting you keep an eye on your home and immediately lock the doors and turn on the lights if a stranger is present. 

Of course, they do much more than that, like ensuring your family gets out quickly in the event of a fire and alerting you should a Florida storm cause flooding when you’re away. Let’s explore the latest features in home monitoring.

Smart Home Integration Offers the Ultimate Security

Smart Home Integration Offers the Ultimate Security

Experience Unprecedented Peace of Mind with a Custom Security Installation

In the past decade, smart security systems have transformed the home security market. Today, they are advanced connected ecosystems that work together to protect your family and home while enabling you to manage it all remotely from a single app. 

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art security systems since 1968. Each security installation is custom-integrated. After all, no two families, homes, or neighborhoods are the same, and your security system should reflect that. 

There is, however, one common element—an enhanced peace of mind that’s hard to explain until experienced. Let’s explore how the latest technology protects your home and the personalization that creates the ideal security system in Jacksonville, FL.

Looking for Security Camera Installation? Hire a Professional

Looking for Security Camera Installation? Hire a Professional

Make the Most of Your Investment with Professional Installation

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your peace of mind regarding your Jacksonville, FL, home, security cameras are an excellent choice. They watch over your property while you can’t, never tire, and have a perfect memory—a worthy investment from all angles.

While DIY installation of security cameras is possible and popular, it’s always best to look to a professional. Not only do they have the expertise required to ensure flawless installation and excellent placement, but they also have access to high-quality equipment that most consumers don’t. Read on to learn more details about professional security camera installation.

The Benefits of a Wireless Security System Installation

The Benefits of a Wireless Security System Installation

Experience Scalable, Secure, and Flexible Home Security

Today’s residential wireless security system comes in numerous forms, from smart video doorbells to extensive coverage with multiple security cameras, sensors, and alarms. And the number is growing. 

According to a survey by U.S. News, the leading reasons home security systems continue to grow in popularity are self-protection, deterring criminals, and peace of mind. A UNC Charlotte study confirms their ability to deter burglars, with 83% of would-be thieves looking for alarms and over half moving on if they found one. 

Are you considering increasing your home’s security in St. Augustine, FL? Let’s explore the changing landscape of home security and the many benefits the latest smart wireless systems provide.

The Benefits of a Home Security Monitoring System

The Benefits of a Home Security Monitoring System

Are Professionally Monitored Security Systems Worth It?

Today’s smart home security systems offer unprecedented protection. For instance, homeowners receive notifications on their smartphones when something out of the ordinary occurs. Did the security camera spot a stranger by the garage? You’ll know in an instant. Immediately, you can pull up the live camera feed to see what’s taking place. 

Thanks to remote access, it doesn’t matter if you’re in bed or halfway around the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll always receive alerts and be able to check in on your home and loved ones.

But what if you're out hiking, enjoying dinner and a movie, or left your smartphone in a drawer when you headed into a business meeting? What if you don't hear the notification come in? 

Life gets busy. To ensure your home is protected 24/7, we recommend professional home security monitoring. Let's explore how this service protects homeowners and their families in Jacksonville, FL.

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