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December 5, 2018
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January 12, 2019
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Business Security System Trends 2019: AI Takes Over

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business Security

If 2018 was the year smart technology became indispensable to business, 2019 will be the year of artificial intelligence.

While it’s made some headway over the past few years, the trend toward AI in commercial spaces has only gotten stronger. As president and CEO of LG told Digital Trends recently “What AI hopefully will do is solve this problem of using complex systems, so that the devices become smart, and smart devices mean they’ll know exactly what you want.”

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, AI will make an appearance in an unprecedented number of devices. But its primary application will be in commercial applications.

To find out how AI will help you solve some of your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL company’s most complex business security system issues in the coming year, keep reading.

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Streamline Access Control

Access control systems are a cornerstone of modern business security. Users are issued unique codes, keycards, or other means of entry. When they engage the smart lock, you or a member of your security staff can receive an immediate alert.

You can also engage your locks remotely, keeping undesirable traffic out. And the system integrates with other security devices, like surveillance cameras, alarms, and sensors to create a complete ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence software is making your access points even safer. In 2019 you can expect companies to start pushing combination AI/remote monitoring solutions for business’ big and small.

For instance, one Massachusetts-based company offers an entryway system for large venues that scans each face that passes through and matches it with a database. If it detects a person of interest, an active monitor is alerted so they can double check.

If the match comes back false, the footage is discarded. If positive, the security team can take the appropriate action.

Moving Beyond Human Eyes

Currently, AI automation is only as good as its user. In the case of business security, an exclusively AI system runs the risk of too many false positives, which can lead to the system being effectively useless.

For some, the answer is in actively learning algorithms. In 2019, one Austin-based company is attempting to use AI to recognize criminal activity, including in active shooter scenarios, by monitoring each frame of surveillance footage and directly alerting emergency services if it detects wrongdoing.

Business security remains at the forefront of technology development. The new year will see big advancements in AI and other security measures.

Will this year’s CES unveil any game-changers? Time will tell. Until then, get the answers you need right now by clicking the chatbox at the bottom of your screen and asking one of our expert staff members! You can also reach us by calling 904-743-8444.

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