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3 Reasons Why a Commercial Surveillance System Is Essential to Your Business

3 Reasons Why a Commercial Surveillance System Is Essential to Your Business

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Starting a business is never easy. It consumes your time and energy, and even when things seem to go well you sometimes have to deal with the unexpected, like criminal activity. Whether bad guys have victimized your business or you want to prevent it from ever occurring, you should invest in a robust, high-quality commercial surveillance system. Check out these three reasons why integrated surveillance is right for your Jacksonville, FL business.

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  1. Keep an Eye on Your Business

The primary function of a 24/7 surveillance system is keeping an eye on your business operations. When a crime happens, you can review the footage, and you're more likely to catch the perpetrator. Plus, you can stream real-time footage to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see what's going on at any time.

Of course, with that much footage, you’re going to need a lot of storage space. Ensure your business remains protected with a DVR or NVR (for wireless systems) that can hold everything. And keep in mind that while 4K resolution makes things look sharp, it also creates larger file sizes that need more storage space.


  1. Prevent Crime

Studies show that the mere presence of surveillance cameras can help reduce the amount of crime happening in and around your business. Criminals are less likely to target spaces where cameras are visible because they understand they’re more likely to be caught.

Many camera manufacturers advertise discreet devices that won’t disrupt the decor. But in your business, a visible camera -- even if it’s just a dummy -- can help you avoid dangerous situations.

Plus, smart cameras can integrate with other security devices like alarm systems, lighting control, and electronic entryway systems for even more protections that you can command from your smartphone or tablet.


  1. Enhance Operations

A surveillance camera system is typically used to prevent crime, but it can also help streamline day-to-day operations. When you have visibility of what’s going on during the day, you can make real-time adjustments to the way you do business.

For instance, you can check in during the day to observe customer behavior, review employee productivity, and more. If you’re overstaffed during off-peak hours or if customers favor some areas of your business over others, you adjust to build a better workflow.


Want to get the most out of your business security system? It starts with commercial surveillance. Find out more about why you should install one today by clicking here, calling us at 904-743-8444 or chatting with us on the right.

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