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3 Smart Tips from Your Local Security System Company

3 Smart Tips from Your Local Security System Company

Did You Know Automated Security Could Do This?

Building a smart home security system is an essential part of staying safe in Amelia Island. You can keep an eye on your property, set alarms, and otherwise protect your family and belongings from harm directly from your smartphone or tablet. But technology changes at a rapid pace -- and you may not know everything your system can do to keep you safe. That’s why we, as your local security system company, have put together this blog. We want to show you how you can get the most out of your system. Find out more by reading below.

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Access Control


Access control, otherwise known as smart entryways, is a great way to see who is coming and going from your property or in and out of specific rooms. You can issue a code or rely on biometrics like retina scans or thumbprints for authorization. You can even unlock the doors directly from a smartphone or tablet once you’ve confirmed the identity of the person at the door.


Did You Know?


Smart access control isn't just about replacing the old-fashioned lock and key. It's a complete system that integrates with your other smart devices for total protection. For instance, a smart lock may work with an HD video doorbell. You can see and communicate with the person outside via integrated intercoms. Plus, when you let them in, integrated lights or the music system can turn on, so they feel more welcome in your home.


Security Cameras


Security cameras are an important part of any system. Your installer can place them in any room, and they can remain as discrete or visible as you want them to be. They can help you look in on your kids or pets, and potentially help prevent a crime before it happens. You can even stream in full HD or 4K resolution, so you never miss a moment.


Did You Know?


While the terms are often confused, a security camera system is not the same as a surveillance system. The defining trait of a surveillance system isn't the camera -- just about any camera works -- but the level of storage space in the DVR, NVR, or cloud. Typically, a smart security camera doesn't hold much information, but it can still be advantageous in most residential applications. If you want a better way to review and manage footage, then you’ll need a comprehensive surveillance system.


Voice Control


Voice control is one of the most significant innovations for smart home applications that we've seen in the past few years. Chances are, you have access to Alexa or some other voice platform in your home. It can be a fun and convenient way to use your technology without lifting a finger. But is it ready for home security applications?


Did You Know?


As your local security system company, we recommend you very careful about implementing voice control in your security. While a few tech companies are attempting to build a platform precise enough to recognize your voice, it's still a hit-and-miss proposition. Instead, biometric and other smart controls will help keep your property secure for right now.


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