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3 Ways to Use Access Control for Increased Business Security

3 Ways to Use Access Control for Increased Business Security

Stay in Charge of Your Security by Applying Access Control to Turnstiles, Parking Lots & Building Floors

Access control is an integral part of your business security system. Solutions like electronic keycards, PIN codes, and biometric scanners can help you control and monitor who enters and exits your Darien, GA property at any point in time—even if you’re not there. 

Access control systems are typically used on front door entrances to keep unauthorized personnel from entering without clearance. However, access control systems can be applied in other ways to improve building and business security. Read below to learn how you can better safeguard your business by implementing access control for turnstiles, parking lots, and building floors.

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Control Traffic Flow with Turnstiles

Entrance turnstiles are often used in various facilities to control both who can enter and when they can enter. Installing an access control system with entrance turnstiles allows you to control entry throughout your building autonomously and efficiently. 

Access controlled turnstiles can limit access only to those with proper credentials and otherwise stay locked until those credentials are presented. Additionally, turnstiles are a great way to keep track of how many users enter your facility and when. Use these business trends to analyze peak traffic times and apply the findings to your business operations, such as staffing allocation and promotional marketing.

Keep Parking Lots Clear and Protected

Access controlled parking lots help you manage vehicles that enter and exit your property. Parking access systems are typically built around a gate operator that allows vehicles to drive in and park. By securing your parking lots with an access control system, you can monitor traffic flow, ensure visitors aren’t using unauthorized parking spaces, reduce potential car break-ins and other crime, and more.

You can also use parking access systems to bring in revenue by reserving close-proximity parking for employees who are willing to pay a monthly fee for a convenient spot near the building. These staff members will be given a keycard or PIN code that grants them entry. All other employees will be required to park in lots that are farther away unless they opt to pay a fee for closer parking.

Limit Access to Certain Building Floors

The main floor of your building may be open to the public so that they can learn more about your goods and services, ask questions, relax in your lobby, and the like. However, you may want to restrict access to higher-level floors where workspaces or sensitive materials reside. This setup is popular in hotels, museums, and various retail stores

Protecting elevators and stairwells with an access control system ensures shoppers and other unauthorized personnel stay in the public areas of your building. No matter how busy your store or lobby, you can be confident that visitors aren’t roaming where they shouldn’t be.

While it’s against NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 101 compliance to install access control systems to stairwell exit doors, you can apply a keycard or PIN code system to stairwell entryways that lead into the building to protect your business from intrusion. This way, those exiting your stairway to flee from fire or other danger can safely leave, but those wishing to go up the stairway must require a keycard or PIN code.


Our team at Atlantic Security is an experienced security installer for both small businesses and large corporations. We design, install, and service your unique security system needs, from access control to alarm and fire systems, surveillance, and more. Find out more about access control and other smart security solutions for your business by calling (912) 264-8679 or filling out our online contact form.

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