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Which Access Control System Is Best for Your Business?

Which Access Control System Is Best for Your Business?

Explore the Benefits of Electronic Keycards, PIN Codes and Biometric Solutions

When it comes to securing your business, you know how easy keys are to lose or misuse. You’ve likely experienced the inconvenience of tracking down a key when an employee leaves, re-keying a lock, or rushing to work to let employees in when the on-duty manager can’t get there in time.


Traditional keys are a nuisance. Upgrade to a smarter access control solution that offers remote management, personalized access for employees, and real-time access alerts and tracking for your Brunswick, GA business. Learn about electronic keycards, PIN codes, and biometric solutions below.

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Electronic Keycards

A keycard is a security token that grants you access through electrically powered doors. These systems require an installed keycard reader outside a doorway, which grants you access once it reads your tapped, swiped, or inserted keycard.

With keycards, you and your staff no longer need to hold onto metal keys for access. Instead, each keycard contains an embedded access credential on its magstripe, or as a chip inside the card, which is read by the keycard reader each time you attempt access.

Assign unique codes for each keycard to track individual entry, provide restrictions for certain times so keycard users can only enter during work hours, and even assign tiered access levels to individual keycards so only upper management can enter certain areas of the building. Unlike keys, keycards can be reconfigured for different staff members when employees leave. If a keycard is lost, simply deactivate the card so you can rest assured no one finds it and attempts to enter your building.


PIN Codes

Don’t want to have to carry around a keycard? Install a PIN code solution instead. User codes make access easy by eliminating the need for a physical key or keycard. Plus, there’s no need to purchase additional keys or keycards when hiring employees.

Like keycards, you can personalize PIN codes to track individual entry, prohibit access during certain times of the day, and provide temporary access for visitors or cleaning crews. Easily change, reassign, or deactivate user codes when needed—even remotely. Plus, an anti-tamper lockout feature will restrict access after a certain number of failed attempts if someone tries to guess a user code.


Biometric Solutions

Biometric access control systems scan biometric credentials such as fingerprints, retinas, and facial features of authorized users before granting entry. Unlike keys, keycards, or PIN codes, biometric security can’t be transferred from one person to another. Instead, authorized users must be physically present at the point of identification to gain access into your building.

Of the three access control solutions we’ve discussed, a biometric system is by far the most secure. However, not all staff may feel comfortable with biometric scanning. In this case, you can combine a variety of access control solutions for certain areas of your building. For general lobby access, use a keycard option. For office space and breakroom access, use PIN codes. For upper management offices or storage rooms that hold valuable assets or classified information, use biometric solutions.


Our security experts at Atlantic Security can help you choose which access control solutions work best for your business. We partner with small startups and large corporations to custom-design and service top-notch security systems that specifically fit your needs.


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