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3 Ways You Can Keep Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

Smart Home Security Withers Worry and Helps Protect Your Neighbors Too

In these challenging times, we already have much to worry about. One of those worries shouldn’t be the safety of your home. With the right home security solutions in place, you can stay informed about suspicious activity and get the right information quickly to take proper action when needed.

In fact, solutions like smart security cameras and home security monitoring can help even protect your neighbors, too. Read on to learn three ways you can better protect your home and your Amelia Island, FL neighborhood while you’re at it.

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Get to Know Your Neighbors

Before setting up any home security devices, the first step you should take to better protect your home and neighborhood is connecting with your neighbors. Reaching out to those who live on your street builds trust and makes it easier to team up on crime prevention. Because meeting up right now isn’t an option, you can always create a Facebook group to keep in touch digitally. More than 50 percent of Americans say they feel safer when they know their neighbors, so make the effort to connect!

Use Smart Security Cameras to Spot Suspicious Activity

Burglars, porch pirates, and other criminals tend to return to the same neighborhood to repeat offenses. Smart security cameras can help you and your neighbors capture these repeat-offenders in the act. Smart video alerts can notify you of lingering cars and people in real-time and even provide the breakthrough that local authorities need to identify and catch criminals.

Because outdoor security cameras can pick up activity beyond just your front door, you can let neighbors know if your cameras detect a person walking through backyards at night or unfamiliar cars driving slowly down the street and stopping in front of houses. Advanced video analytics will know what to look out for and what to ignore so you only receive alerts for significant activity.

Deterrence is another benefit of security cameras: they indicate that you’re protected by a security system. Criminals who notice cameras outside your home will go elsewhere to avoid being caught. Plus, because outdoor cameras can cover activity around neighboring homes too, criminals will likely avoid the entire street to stay out of surveillance footage. 

Consider Professional Home Security Monitoring

Even with connected cameras in place, sometimes alerts can be easy to miss. If you’re driving with your phone on Do Not Disturb, sleeping, or located somewhere with no cellphone service, you run the risk of missing an important notification and alerting local authorities. Plus, around-the-clock monitoring shouldn’t be your job.

Professional home security monitoring services guarantee reliable, 24/7 protection of your property. In the event of a break-in, your security system will send an emergency signal to one of our monitoring stations where our staff will assess the situation and alert local authorities to the scene right away. Quick action like this prevents criminals from escaping or breaking into another house nearby.

We all know technology fails sometimes. The human element of professional home security monitoring ensures your property is always being looked after. Our monitoring professionals keep an eye on your property at every minute of every day and are always ready to assist. Plus, when your neighbors know your home is being watched by a professional monitoring team like Atlantic Security, they’ll feel a little safer, too.


Protecting your home is easy when you partner with certified and award-winning home security professionals like Atlantic Security. To learn more about our home security solutions and services, contact us here. We look forward to assisting you.

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