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Alleviate the Stress of Back-to-School with Smart Home Security

Alleviate the Stress of Back-to-School with Smart Home Security

A Home Security Installation Can Help Simplify Daily Routines and Ensure Peace of Mind

The back-to-school season is nothing short of hectic. Transitioning from summer to fall, getting used to busier schedules, and keeping everyone in the family on top of their new routines can bring about unwanted stress and chaos in your Amelia Island, FL home. So, how can smart home security help?

With an home security installation, you’ll have the right tools on hand to help you streamline routines, remember essential tasks, keep an eye on your home around the clock, and more. Get our tips for a smoother back-to-school season below.

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Get Going with Automated Lighting

Now that summer is over, one of the hardest challenges is getting everyone going in the morning. This school season, make the process easier with automated lighting.

An security system enables you to schedule your kids’ bedroom lights to illuminate each weekday morning at the time that best fits their routine. If you’re rising before the sun, program the lights in your living spaces and hallways to brighten at the same time so your family is greeted by energizing light and can safely walk around the home while it’s still dark outside.

Automated lighting also helps keep your home secure while you and the kids are away at work and school. Schedule your interior and exterior lighting to turn on and off at different intervals throughout the day to portray a lived-in look. Potential intruders will think twice before attempting a break-in if they believe someone might be home.

Lock Up Your Home from Your Smartphone

When it’s time to send the kids to school and head to work, don’t worry about leaving your doors unlocked or the garage door open. From the convenience of your mobile app, you can lock your entries and shut your garage with just a tap and confidently leave the house without wondering if your property is vulnerable after you’re on the road.

Mornings are undoubtedly busy, so there may come a time when you forget to secure your home before leaving. But don’t fret— has your back. Receive real-time mobile alerts of unlocked entries, open garage doors, and more while you’re away and take immediate action on the spot. Just tap the notification and have your system lock your doors for you, so you don’t have to turn around and drive back.

Ensure Your Kids Are Home Safely from School

If the office is keeping you late and your kids beat you home, know exactly when your kids arrive with personalized access passcodes on your smart locks. enables you to assign a unique code and user alert for each family member so that when they let themselves in, you’ll receive a confirmation to your smartphone that they are home.

You can also view live and recorded surveillance footage from the convenience of your smartphone with smart security cameras that connect to your system. While you’re stuck at the office, check in and ensure your kids are safe, doing their homework, and not getting into trouble.


Enjoy a smoother transition this fall with smart home security. Our team at Atlantic Security proudly partners with to bring the latest and greatest security solutions to homes across Amelia Island and broader Florida. Get started today by sending us a live chat below now or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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