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Are Your Home Security IP Cameras Protected?

Are Your Home Security IP Cameras Protected?

Work with a Trusted Company like Atlantic Security and You’ll Never Have to Wonder

Isn’t the whole point of a home security system to protect your family and your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL property? You might think that all security systems are reliable and do the same job. Unfortunately, not all home security monitoring systems and IP cameras are created equal.

Smart technology is growing in popularity and accessibility, and in turn, so is DIY smart home technology. DIY home security installations are ultimately unreliable and unsafe.

In this blog post, we’re going to dive into all the reasons why DIY home security and IP cameras are potentially leaving you at risk and what you can do to have peace of mind.

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Encryption is Key

To understand why DIY cameras are only as secure as your home network, we first must define encryption. Essentially, encryption helps provide data security for sensitive information by scrambling readable text so that it can only be read by someone who has the decryption key. As IoT devices continue to grow in number, encryption is more critical than ever.

That being said, your DIY camera is most likely unencrypted because the majority of home networks aren’t adequately secured unless professionals are involved. With cybercriminals getting smarter every day and adding more tricks up their sleeves, it’s not very hard for them to break into most home networks. Breaking into a home network can be as simple as basic password utility hacks for a criminal determined to invade your home.

If someone hacking into your security system and cameras don’t worry you enough, they can even attempt to mess with the radio frequency your wireless security system operates on. This is dangerous because they can disrupt the vital communications your sensors send to your alarm sensor, resulting in an undetected break-in. What’s the point of cameras and an alarm system if they aren’t going to alert you when you’re in danger?

Work with a Professional Installer like Atlantic Security

Simply put, partnering with a professional installer for your security cameras is your best chance at getting the most protection. Did you know that you could be a beta test for the DIY security company you purchased your equipment from, and you wouldn’t even know it? That means your DIY IP camera could still be in the final stages of testing and hasn’t been proven to be reliable. That should worry you just as much as a criminal hacking into your cameras and home security system.

When you rely on Atlantic Security to arm your home with protection, you’ll never have to wonder if your cameras or other products and services actually do what they are supposed to. We’ll only ever recommend and install professional-grade cameras and place them on a protected network for added security. Our cameras are on a virtual private network (VPN) that establishes secure and encrypted connections to provide the privacy level you need. Plus, we tie your cameras into a secure server, giving them 256-bit encryption.

Are you ready to upgrade to the home security you deserve? Atlantic Security is an award-winning home security company in the Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area, and we take your safety just as seriously as our own. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to meeting your security needs!

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