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Discover the Benefits of a Home Monitoring System

Discover the Benefits of a Home Monitoring System

Protect Your Home & Loved Ones From Anywhere

Whether you’re away on vacation, out of town on a business trip, or at work in Augustine, FL, it’s nice to know your home and family are protected. Today’s smart home monitoring system lets you check on your home, receive emergency alerts, and manage your security from anywhere in the world. 

These "smart" systems work with automated lighting, door locks, and security cameras, letting you keep an eye on your home and immediately lock the doors and turn on the lights if a stranger is present. 

Of course, they do much more than that, like ensuring your family gets out quickly in the event of a fire and alerting you should a Florida storm cause flooding when you’re away. Let’s explore the latest features in home monitoring.

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What Does a Smart Home Security System Monitor?

When people first think of home security, they often turn to protecting their homes and loved ones from invasions and burglaries. Today's smart home security systems, however, do much more. They also monitor your home for fire, flooding, and environmental disasters.

Smart smoke alarms detect smoke at its earliest stages. They let those at home know of the danger, where it's located, and the best way out of the house, turning on lights and unlocking doors to ensure a safe and speedy exit. If you are away, you'll receive an alert and can check on your home via the live video feed. With professional monitoring, trained security personnel will also receive an alert, enabling them to contact first responders when seconds count.

Should someone try to gain entry into your home, a sensor immediately detects when a window or door is opened. If the alarm system is armed, an audible alert sounds, scaring any would-be intruders. If the monitoring station cannot contact you, they will determine if the situation requires a call to law enforcement, providing the fastest response times.

How Do You Monitor Your Home When You’re Away?

From a mobile device, you can watch live and recorded video feeds. Some clients prefer both indoor and outdoor cameras, particularly those with children and pets. Outdoor cameras are placed by entrances and particular areas you want secured, such as around the pool for those with small children. 

Today’s smart security cameras offer 360-degree views, pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and night vision. They provide two-way audio, letting you communicate with the person on camera. Should someone be spotted, you'll receive a notification and can check to see who it is. 

If it’s the dog walker, you can greet them, unlock the door, and turn on the light via your mobile app. If it’s a stranger, you can let them know you have eyes on them and stop any intrusion before it occurs. Today’s home monitoring systems provide an unprecedented level of protection.

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been designing, installing, and programming customized security systems in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia for 55 years. We understand the trust our clients place in us and ensure a system that exceeds their every expectation. To learn more about home monitoring systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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