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Does Your Business Need a Surveillance System?

Does Your Business Need a Surveillance System?

Custom-Designed Surveillance Systems Prevent Theft, Vandalism, and Injury Claims

When most managers and business owners think about a business surveillance system in St. Augustine, FL, they picture cameras at entranceways designed to ward off unwanted intruders. Of course, this role plays an essential part in protecting one's business, but companies use video surveillance systems for much more than burglary protection. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons companies turn to surveillance systems and how a customized design can tailor to your company’s unique needs.

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Burglary Prevention

While St. Augustine’s crime rates continue to decline, the one category on the rise is larceny. In 2020, the town saw 43 burglaries and 392 larcenies. Surveillance cameras provide a visual deterrent to this type of activity. Their presence or absence is one of the main deciding factors when criminals choose a target to break into or vandalize.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina revealed that alarms and surveillance equipment had a similar impact on a burglar's business choice, with 60% saying they would seek a different target if present.

Should your business become the object of a crime, video surveillance gives law enforcement a tremendous advantage—enabling them to solve the case and possibly use the footage in court.

Using surveillance with motion sensors doubles the benefit by notifying the manager or business owner if motion is detected when the business is closed. We can customize your system to your preferences as to who gets notified and when in case of an emergency.

Workplace Productivity

There’s a way to place cameras in a work setting that doesn't leave the employees feeling spied upon or mistrusted. While managers can use interior cameras to check on production, they are also used to protect employees.

Unfortunately, theft does occur by those entrusted with the care of customers and products. According to the California Restaurant Association, almost 95 percent of all businesses experience theft.  Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or retail, employee theft can lead to significant losses. For example, over 42% of lost inventory in the U.S. is due to employee theft, costing a standard business 5% of its annual revenue.

Injury Claims

Customers slipping and falling in a place of business is the number one liability. This type of injury is also the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and is one of the primary causes of missed work.

A video surveillance system enables managers to go back and check the film to see what occurred and if there was something on the floor that could have caused the accident. Of course, your claims adjuster will also want to see the footage.

Each business is different. There are no one-size-fits-all surveillance systems. That's why, at Atlantic Security, we customize each plan and tailor it to fit our client's needs.

Why Atlantic Security?

A well-designed and installed business surveillance system can provide 100% security coverage. That's why companies have turned to Atlantic Security for their business surveillance system in St Augustine, FL, since 1968. We know our business, and we know how to protect yours. Contact Atlantic Security to discuss your business security needs today.

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