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How Does Atlantic Security Differ from Other Security Companies?

How Does Atlantic Security Differ from Other Security Companies?

We’re Proud to Be the Number 1 Trusted Security Alarm Company in Ponte Vedra Beach

According to the Electronic Security Association, 9 out of 10 burglars reported that if they encountered a security or alarm system, they would avoid targeting that home. This statistic alone should convince any homeowner of the importance of a dependable home alarm system.

If you’re on the market for one, you may quickly feel overwhelmed by the variety of solutions out there, ranging from DIY products to professional installations by national or local security companies. Let us help narrow down your search! There’s a reason we’re named the number 1 trusted security alarm company in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Find out why by reading below.

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Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Every home is unique and requires different security solutions for optimal protection. Homeowners also have differing needs, and cookie-cutter systems from most security alarm companies don’t fit the bill for everyone. Instead, we offer tailor-made solutions for all your home security and technology needs.

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t spend money on a quality blazer or dress only for it to be too long in the sleeves or too big in the waist. Even two individuals who wear the same size vary in height and shape. You need a tailor to alter your clothing so that it fits like a glove. Atlantic Security treats every client and product like an individual because we want the very best for you.

We Offer Professional Installation

We like to say that when it comes to installing the technology, there are hundreds of things you can either do right or you can do cheap. Many security alarm companies will lure you in with free giveaways or special deals, then short-change you and deliver your solution in the cheapest way possible. These companies are thinking in dollars and cents rather than putting quality first.

As a certified system integrator who understands the faultiness of cutting corners and delivering piecemeal solutions, Atlantic Security offers professional design and installation for custom security and technology solutions that are unique to you. Our staff undergoes continuous education and is trained to be accurate, efficient, and knowledgeable in every step of the process. Plus, we spend quality time helping users become familiar and comfortable with their personalized systems.

No Pressure, Ever!

Once we hand over a project proposal to you, you’ll have the freedom to make revisions or fine-tune it where you wish. Consider it an open dialogue! We’ll work with you to draft the proposal you’re comfortable with. Plus, we won’t ever try to sell you a product or service you don’t need. Instead, we find solutions that are best for you.

No one likes to be hammered with phone calls and emails post-sale. While you may receive a boatload of spammy messages from DIY security alarm companies after you purchase a product or service from them, you can rest assured you won’t be bombarded by us. However, we will be just a phone call away for ongoing service and support when you need it! When you call, you’ll be greeted by a real member of our team ready to assist.

Get the home security service and support you deserve by working with the number 1 trusted security alarm company in Ponte Vedra Beach. To book a free consultation, call 904-743-8444 or fill out our online contact form.

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