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Don’t Miss Out on These Smart Home Control Perks

Don’t Miss Out on These Smart Home Control Perks

Seamless Control, Reduced Energy Consumption, and Even Discounts On Home Insurance

In recent years, smart home technology has made its place into homes all over the world and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. This technology has made home management simple and convenient and can even help you to enjoy your home more!

If you haven’t installed a smart home control system on your Jacksonville, FL property yet, the time is now. In this blog post, we share just a few of the major advantages you’ll experience with the power of smart technology in your home. Let’s dive in.

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Convenient, Centralized Control of All Your Devices

The purpose of smart home technology is to make your at-home experience more comfortable and convenient. However, the more smart technology you bring into your home, the more remotes and wall panels you may accrue, making it a chore to control all of your devices.

Installing a smart home control system gives you the convenient benefit of being able to control all of your smart technology through one interface, whether that’s through an app on your smartphone, a remote control, a touch panel on your wall, or even through a voice assistant. Instead of learning how to navigate and operate various apps and controllers, you only have to learn how to use one.

Minimized Energy Waste

Now more than ever before, homeowners are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and cut back on energy waste in their homes. Smart home control is an easy, convenient way to make sure you’re only using electricity when you need to.

For example, a smart thermostat can be scheduled to conserve energy while you’re at work, and a smart lighting control system can tell the difference between an empty or occupied room and turn any lights off you may have forgotten about on your way out the door.

Home Insurance Discounts

Did you know that some home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners that have smart home technology installed on their property? With all of the great safety and security benefits some smart technology devices have, it makes sense! Qualifying smart devices include climate control systems, motion sensor detectors, security systems, and more.

The benefits we've shared in this blog post are just a few of the advantages a smart home control system can bring to the table. If you’re ready to find the perfect system that meets your preferences and needs, Atlantic Security is prepared to help. Get started today by calling us, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert in the pop-up window below. We’ll schedule you for a no-obligation consultation and have you on the path to comfort and convenience in no time!

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