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While You’re Away on Summer Vacation, Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

While You’re Away on Summer Vacation, Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

All the Things You Can Do with Smart Security

Before you leave for your summer vacation, make sure your Ponte Vedra Beach-area home is safe and secure with a smart home security system. If you’re away from home and movement is detected, your fully integrated smart home security system can activate lighting, secure entry points, and notify you via smartphone that there’s been a security incident in your home.

Atlantic Security has been providing state-of-the-art residential security systems and monitoring services since 1968 so you can rest assured your home will be taken care of even when you’re unavailable to respond to an alert.

This blog will teach you which smart devices you can integrate into your home to ensure your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, property is protected this summer.

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Smart Entry

A smart lock allows you to control entry into your home while you’re away on vacation or relaxing on the couch and don’t want to get up to let someone inside. Paired with a smart video doorbell, you can monitor and receive smartphone notifications when there is motion on the front porch or when someone rings the doorbell. You can also communicate with visitors  from your video doorbell while you’re away, then unlock the smart lock remotely to let them into your home while you’re gone.


Surveillance cameras and motion sensors can tie into your home security system, giving you peace of mind when you’re home and while you’re away. Place cameras and motion sensors near doors and windows, inside rooms, or outside your home. From your smartphone, you can remotely monitor children and pets indoors or catch potential thieves’ movement along the perimeter of your home.

Avoid disaster

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can integrate into your Control4 smart home security system, sounding an alarm inside while also sending you a smart device notification if danger is detected. Pair this feature with your smart lighting to make sure your house is well lit during an emergency situation.

You can operate your irrigation system while you’re away, too, to ensure your lawn is well watered on dry days and turned off during rainstorms. A smart irrigation system will also notify you of water leaks, ensuring your next water bill isn’t an expensive surprise upon your return from vacation.


Lighting solutions from industry leader Lutron will make your home well-lit but also safe, convenient, and energy efficient. LED lighting saves energy costs, and a single touch on an integrated light control touch panel or your smart device can control your lighting – keeping you safe when stepping into a dark home at the end of the day or making your home look inhabited while you are away.

Smart outdoor lighting not only makes your home look great from the outside but also serves as a valuable home security addition to your Florida property by helping to deter potential intruders and ensuring you can adequately see your property in the dark.

Beyond the smart devices listed above, be sure to consider the safety of your home network for continued reliable safety and robust performance of your integrated smart home security system.

If you’re ready to integrate a security system in your Ponte Vedra Beach-area home, contact Atlantic Security today. We are happy to answer your questions with the Let’s Talk button below, via our online contact form or by phone at (904) 743-8444. We can’t wait to partner with you in protecting your home.

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