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Get Emergency Help When You Need It with an Alarm Panic Button

Get Emergency Help When You Need It with an Alarm Panic Button

Send an SOS to Chosen Contacts or Your Security Monitoring Company at the Touch of a Button

The home should always be a place of refuge. With a growing number of older adults living independently, it’s important that they be properly equipped with easy-to-use solutions that aid in better safety and protection should an emergency arise.

In times of danger, a wireless panic button as part of a smart home security system is a quick and effective solution for signaling for help. A panic button is designed to protect you or a loved one from harm when reaching for the phone isn’t feasible.

In this blog, we’ll cover some key FAQs about wireless panic buttons and how a professional home security company like Atlantic Security can deliver this solution to your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home.

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What is a Panic Button?

A panic button is a small, wireless finger-operated button (FOB) that integrates with your home alarm system and provides an instant alert to specified contacts when the user needs immediate emergency assistance. Panic buttons are weather-resistant and can be worn as a pendant or wristband so that users always have them on hand. They can also be attached to a keychain, belt clip, bedside table, or wall.

Using a panic button is easy for anyone in the family. Each has a tactile button in the center, which the user presses for two to three seconds to activate an alert. When the alert has been activated, a corresponding LED will illuminate to show the user that a transmission was sent.

Never worry about the lifespan of your panic buttons. Our team delivers reliable, professional-grade solutions, such as the DSC PowerG Security Panic Key and Honeywell’s line of wireless panic buttons. These battery-operated panic buttons last four to seven years with typical use. Plus, your alarm system will inform you by email or SMS text when your panic button battery levels reach a critical level.

When Should One Use a Panic Button?

Panic buttons are ideal for the elderly or vulnerable family members who may need help in an emergency. Whether the user needs medical assistance or protection from an intrusion or fire, panic buttons are a quick and easy way to send for help when they need it most.

Our team can configure your panic buttons to trigger different events depending on your needs. Set off your house alarm in the event of a break-in or send a silent alert to family members. Some panic FOBs feature multiple buttons for arming and disarming your alarm system, too. This solution makes it especially easy for users to arm their alarm system from wherever they are in the home.

Who Will Be Notified When The Panic Button is Activated?

When activated, your panic button will trigger an alert to your specified contacts, such as your partner, kids, nearby friends, or neighbors. They’ll receive a mobile alert showing that you pressed your panic button and can assist further by contacting local authorities if needed.

Additionally, if your alarm system is monitored by Atlantic Security, our 24/7 professional monitoring center will receive the alert and can dispatch emergency responders. Because we keep an eye on our monitored systems around the clock, you’ll never have to worry about an alert getting missed.

We know home safety can never be guaranteed. But with the right security solutions in place, you can live with greater peace of mind that knowing that help is there when you need it. To learn more about panic buttons as part of your home security system, call our team at 904-743-8444 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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