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The Best Features Found in a Home Alarm System

The Best Features Found in a Home Alarm System

The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Smart Home Security

St. Augustine, FL, is a vibrant city with colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and miles of white-sand beaches. It’s a beautiful place to live and provides, in most areas, a sense of safety and security. However, like most cities, it experiences its share of criminal activity, with a crime occurring every 4 hours and 43 minutes, according to CrimeGrade. 

The good news is that there is a proven method for securing your home. In fact, burglars are 300% less likely to choose a house with a security system. Let’s explore today’s smart home alarm system and clients' common questions when considering the best approach for protecting homes and loved ones.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Smart Home Alarm System

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Technology Enhances Home Security

According to the FBI, property crime makes up about 83% of all crime in the U.S., which saw nearly 620,000 burglaries in 2021. Today, about 62% of Americans use some form of security measure to protect their homes and loved ones. 

A smart home alarm system provides safety, sending security alerts to your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. It also acts as a deterrent, with many thieves choosing a different target. These systems, however, offer much more, from alerting you in the case of environmental threats to enabling digital tripwires and offering presence simulation.

Let's explore how homeowners in Brunswick, GA, turn to burglar alarms and smart security systems for protection and security.

Today’s High-Tech, Integrated, Smart Home Alarm Systems

Today’s High-Tech, Integrated, Smart Home Alarm Systems

Smart Home Alarm Systems Offer Both Deterrence and Protection

Home alarm systems have changed dramatically since they first hit the market in the 1850s. Today’s systems are smart and integrate with a home’s automation system to create a secured property that ensures peace of mind, whether the children are home alone or the family’s left town for a long-needed vacation. Let’s look at the latest technology impacting the home alarm system in Jacksonville, FL, and what that means to you and your family.

How Does Atlantic Security Differ from Other Security Companies?

How Does Atlantic Security Differ from Other Security Companies?

We’re Proud to Be the Number 1 Trusted Security Alarm Company in Ponte Vedra Beach

According to the Electronic Security Association, 9 out of 10 burglars reported that if they encountered a security or alarm system, they would avoid targeting that home. This statistic alone should convince any homeowner of the importance of a dependable home alarm system.

If you’re on the market for one, you may quickly feel overwhelmed by the variety of solutions out there, ranging from DIY products to professional installations by national or local security companies. Let us help narrow down your search! There’s a reason we’re named the number 1 trusted security alarm company in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Find out why by reading below.

Home Alone? Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Safe this Holiday Season

Home Alone? Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Safe this Holiday Season

Safety Goes Beyond a Home Alarm System

The chilly winter air is just hitting Jacksonville, and with it comes a lot of changes to our day to day lives -- at least for the next few months.

Holiday decorations are going up, packages are arriving at your door, and the kids will spend a lot more time at home due to winter break.

And while we love spending as much time with the family as possible, it’s not always easy to do it. If you’re working this winter and the kids are home alone, you’ll likely be especially concerned over their safety.

And that means you’re in the right place! In this blog, we’ll explore how a smart home alarm system can help keep your family safe, and other intelligent tips that go beyond smart technology.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

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