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How Reliable Is Your Home Security System?

How Reliable Is Your Home Security System?

Atlantic Security Delivers Proven Home Security Solutions That You Can Depend On

At the most basic level, a home security monitoring system is designed to protect your family, property, and valuables. When installing a home security system, you should be able to trust that it works the way it’s meant to. After all, a buggy security system could have dire consequences.

You may be thinking, shouldn’t all home security monitoring systems be reliable? While the answer is yes in theory, many homeowners don’t know that they could be a beta test for DIY security companies. This means your DIY security devices could potentially still be in the final stages of testing and have not yet been proven to be reliable.

A professional home security company like Atlantic Security would never have you install a system that isn’t thoroughly tested or proven to work. Keep reading to learn more about the tried-and-true solutions we offer our clients in Jacksonville, FL and why working with our team ensures better peace of mind.

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What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is typically the final phase of product testing, during which a sample of the intended audience tries out a product before it goes to the masses. Developers use beta testing to identify bugs or other flaws within a product when used in real-world circumstances. Also known as pre-release testing, beta testing helps developers make final changes before calling products “proven solutions.”

If done properly, beta testing is a great way to pinpoint problems with a product or service. However, it shouldn't be carried out indiscriminately, and you should always be informed if the products or services you’re using are undergoing beta testing.

We Only Use Thoroughly Tested Solutions

When you call on us for your home security needs, you’ll never worry about being a beta test for any product or service. In fact, you can rest assured that every component that makes up your system has been thoroughly tested. Because we take pride in offering superior reliability and support for our clients, we only work with top-tier manufacturers whose products have been proven to work as they should.

One of the newest and thoroughly tested products we offer is the PowerG wireless platform by DSC. PowerG is the leading wireless security technology for today’s homes. As one of the most reliable, safe, worry-free, encrypted technologies in the market today, PowerG offers all the benefits of traditional wired security without the hassle of wires. Say bye to weak wireless signals and compromised security systems. Instead, enjoy ultra-reliable home security performance with unparalleled cyber protection features that shield you from intruders. Learn more about PowerG here!

We Also Offer 24/7 Home Security Solutions

Not only do we deliver proven security solutions that you can depend on, but we also offer around-the-clock home security monitoring services. By implementing a proactive safeguard with a human element, like professional security monitoring, you can be confident that there are eyes on your home at all times to serve as another layer of security in the event of an emergency.

We’ll always ensure your security system is your dependable first line of defense. You’ll be able to remotely monitor your property from your smartphone and set up customized real-time alerts if doors are left unlocked, if suspicious activity is detected, or if there’s a water leak or fire. However, life is unexpected, and sometimes you can’t always be available to check in on your home. That’s where our team comes in. We’ll be ready to assist as soon as we’re needed.

Take the first step toward better home security by contacting our team here. We’d love to walk you through our turnkey approach to system installations and plan the perfect home security solution for your needs.

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