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3 Trade-Offs to Keep in Mind When Choosing a DIY Alarm System

3 Trade-Offs to Keep in Mind When Choosing a DIY Alarm System

Don’t Risk Dealing with Throw-Away Hardware and Limited Support for Lower Prices

There’s almost always a give-and-take when it comes to choosing a product or service. Looking for reliability and support? You’ll likely spend more money for that. Is saving money your goal? Well, we all know low-cost solutions are typically lower in quality, too.

Most things on the market have pros and cons. So, when it comes to choosing between a DIY burglar alarm system like SimpliSafe and hiring a professional to design, install, and service a custom system for your home, your decision will depend on your priorities. SimpliSafe and other similar DIY solutions may be less expensive, but you’ll miss out on quality hardware and reliable service and support.

Read on to learn three frustrating trade-offs you’ll likely have to accept if you choose a DIY burglar alarm system for your home in Brunswick, GA.

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1. Cheap Throw-Away Hardware

One of the most common sensors used within alarm systems is a door contact. Whether surface-mounted or recessed, this sensor lets your alarm system know whether a door is opened or closed. Homeowners can find surface-mounted door contacts online for as little as $15 right now on popular DIY alarm system sites.

Here’s the problem: Even as a licensed dealer for leading security manufacturers like Honeywell and DSC, our team can’t purchase a professional-grade contact sensor for less than $20 or $30 from the distributor. We are an award-winning home security company that installs hundreds of these sensors a year, and we still can’t get a reliable contact sensor for the same price as the DIY competitors. Why? Because the quality of the professional-grade contact sensors we use is far better. It’s as simple as that.

2. Limited Support or Service

It’s inevitable: Technology issues happen. Unless you’re also a technician, how will you service your DIY alarm system when it experiences problems? Sure, DIY companies often have call centers for support, but their staff is not usually well versed in alarms and home technology systems.

By contrast, our team at Atlantic Security has service advisors with seasoned, real-life experience with alarms and home technology systems. When you call us, you won’t have to sit through a frustrating automated phone system only to talk to someone who knows little about your system. Instead, you’ll be greeted by a live professional right away. Plus, our team is staffed with six full-time service technicians ready to help with issues big and small.

3. Proprietary Equipment

Much of the equipment that is purchased through the popular DIY alarm system companies is proprietary, which means the equipment can only be used by one service provider. Unfortunately, this limits your options when you want to change or upgrade your system, and it also limits who can service your system if issues should arise.

Nearly all professional alarm system companies and system integrators, such as our team at Atlantic Security, install security products like Honeywell, DSC, QOLSYS, and, which manufacture equipment that not only lasts decades but can be serviced by a variety of authorized alarm system service providers, including your trusted local alarm system company.

If you ask us, the answer is clear: A professional burglar alarm system is the better choice if you prioritize quality hardware, quick and reliable support, and an easy route for upgrades and service. Learn more about our custom home security solutions and services by calling us at (912) 264-8679 or by filling out our online contact form.

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