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How You Can Help Your Home Security Monitoring Service Help You

How You Can Help Your Home Security Monitoring Service Help You

Smart Tips for Staying Safe

 The benefit of a home security monitoring service for your Jacksonville, FL, home is simple: you have a partner to help you stay safe. If there’s an emergency, you can count on your service to notify the proper authorities and ensure your safety throughout the event. But in any partnership, both parties stand to benefit when they work together. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help ensure you’re getting the best service possible from your monitoring partner. How can you help? By following these three simple tips. Keep reading to learn more.


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Keeping Your Network Safe


Your network is the backbone of your smart security system. It's how your cameras, alarms, sensors, and more connect to the internet and each other. It's also how your monitoring service can connect to your system to help you in an emergency.


That means you need to keep your network safe. Whenever possible, consider installing a hardwired network to facilitate connections between devices. A hardwired network is hard to hack and will last a long time.


If you can’t do that, ensure you’re operating on a secure and reliable mesh network, like Z-wave. Z-wave connects your devices without strangling your Wi-Fi, so you can count on your system even when there’s environmental interference.


Additionally, make sure to invest in anti-virus software, set up password protection, and add a firewall to prevent potential hackers from accessing your system.


Don’t Block Views


Your monitoring service relies on visibility via your security cameras to help protect you. So, if anything is blocking the viewing angle of your cameras, you can't get the proper level of service.


Make sure to trim back tree branches, remove spider webs, and prevent other creatures from setting up nests near your cameras. That will help your monitor know they see the full picture, so you don't have to worry about it.


Ensure Compatibility


Smart security systems are rarely the result of a single manufacturer. Multiple devices mean multiple operating systems. The beauty of a smart security system is that it can consolidate a lot of different devices and functions into a single, intuitive interface.


But not every device works well with others. That means you need to know which systems are compatible with the others. If you don't, you could suffer outages or other failures when you need them the most. How do you do that? The easiest way is to contact your local technology professional. If you want to work with Jacksonville’s expert, click here to get started

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