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Live More Efficiently With A Home Energy Management System

Live More Efficiently With A Home Energy Management System

Achieve Savings and Power Independence with Clean and Green Energy

The reliability and security of local infrastructures are a growing concern across the country. The critical issues range from overextended power grids to disturbances as the result of weather, natural disasters, and climate change. More recently, several national systems suffered reduced output due to breaches by hackers and operational mismanagement.

While state agencies have plans underway to modernize and strengthen existing municipal delivery systems, rates continue to rise at unprecedented rates. In order to achieve true energy management and independence, you need systems that go beyond petroleum-based backup generators. An expertly designed home energy management system gives you the opportunity to save money and live in luxury with a smaller carbon footprint.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Jacksonville, FL, home? Read below to learn more.

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Simple, Secure, Sustainable

Our fair city and surrounding areas continue to grow at an annual rate of 0.98%. The increase in population density also means higher demand, especially in the summer months. The result could mean frequent brownouts and power surges that not only interrupt your daily routines but can damage expensive home theater equipment and cause discomfort.

Combining a premier automation platform with storage and renewable energy sources allows your home to run efficiently during peak demand hours and possibly detach from the municipal power grid entirely. In addition, an interconnected reserve system automatically reduces thermostat settings, raising the HVAC temperature and dimming lights in non-essential areas when it senses trouble on the line.

Monitoring, Management, And Metrics

A smart home enhances the way you live, responding to your needs and desires and elevating every day. With a simple swipe or your voice, you gain access to superior entertainment, wellness, and security.

In the same way, our energy controls provide you with consistently updated information on hourly electrical rates, usage metrics for individual rooms and equipment, and where your power is coming from. The intuitive interfaces allow you to be prepared for any eventuality, from weather alerts, such as a tropical storm and hurricane warnings, to notifying you of power grid issues. Knowing how your energy is being used and the threats endangering it goes a long way toward staving off trouble before it happens.

Become More Power Savvy

Keep your home running smoothly without worrying about power loss, brownouts, weather-related outages, or damaging surges from strained municipal grids. Are you ready to make your home energy independent while lowering your carbon footprint? Call us at 904-743-8444 or fill out a contact sheet to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you.

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