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An Environmental Control System Brings Peace of Mind to Homeowners

An Environmental Control System Brings Peace of Mind to Homeowners

Use Water, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide Sensors for an Additional Layer of Safety

A comprehensive home security system does more than protect loved ones and belongings from intruders. It also helps keep your family and home safe from internal threats, such as fire, carbon monoxide, and water damage. 

At Atlantic Security, we partner with some of the best-in-class brands to provide homeowners with a monitored environmental control system that protects against these threats. One of these brands is

Let’s look at how to detect these elements before they can cause irreparable damage. 

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is all too common and often occurs from burst pipes, leaks, or flooding due to a natural disaster or weather-related event. Without early detection, water can cause significant property losses. What may start as carpet damage can ultimately result in damage to furniture, floors, and even drywall. In addition, undetected leaks can lead to widespread damage due to mold, bacterial growth and structural decay.

Fortunately, water sensors can detect these leaks early. These small sensors are placed where water leaks are likely to occur, including basements, under sinks, and near water heaters. We also recommend installing smart automatic water shutoff valves on your water line. 

When the sensors detect a leak, you or your monitoring service will receive instant notification via a smartphone. If you’re not home to address the problem, the system will automatically shut off the water. If your system is integrated with home automation technologies like smart locks, you can also ask a neighbor to stop by and remotely unlock the door for them, resetting it once they’re gone. 

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Fire & Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Most fire and carbon monoxide detectors provide limited protection and only let you know when you're in earshot that there’s a problem in the home. sends immediate alerts and even shows you where the issue is so that you and your family can decide on the best exit strategy.

At Atlantic Security, we’ll ensure that your sensors are always functional for optimal safety. The National Fire Association (NFPA) recommends that smoke alarms be replaced after ten years and that batteries be replaced every six months. With a fire alarm partner onhand, it’s easy to stay on top of these requirements.

Emergency notifications can also be sent to our monitoring centers. Our trained, certified staff can assess the situation and determine if a call to the local fire department, law enforcement, or other first responders is warranted. This means your home will be protected even if you're a block away or across the country. If it is a false alarm, you can cancel it instantly on the smartphone app. 

By integrating the sensors with your video surveillance feed, you can also detect any possible mischief, and insurance investigators may quickly use the information to determine the cause. 

These systems also integrate with your home security system, temperature control, lighting, and door locks. For example, one-touch on the app locks the doors, turns out the lights, and arms the security system when it’s time for bed. 

Your Security Professionals

At Atlantic Security, we've protected our clients in North Florida and South Georgia for almost 25 years. As systems integrators, we install comprehensive security systems that offer the best technology available for home protection. To learn more about environmental control and security systems, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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