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Relax with Control4: How Home Automation Can Help Reduce Stress

Relax with Control4: How Home Automation Can Help Reduce Stress

Take Advantage of Smart Home Automation During Challenging Times

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on stress levels across Jacksonville, FL and throughout the country as we’ve been required to adjust to new routines inside our homes. Children are learning from home, many adults are working from home, and trips outdoors are sparse.

Though regular routines will eventually return (and some slowly are), stress will always be part of life. Smart home automation can help unload some of that stress from your shoulders—especially during uncertain times. Read on to learn how Control4 can help you feel more relaxed now and in the future.

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Feel Safer with Smart Home Security

Smart home devices paired with Control4 not only help keep out intruders, but with the right sensors, your smart home automation system can alert you to possible fires and water leaks, too. These real-time smartphone notifications are especially important if you have an essential job amid the coronavirus and are often away from home. Use your smartphone to view live and recorded surveillance footage to check on kids or pets at home and make sure everyone’s safe.

When leaving for work or going to sleep, you’ll never have to wonder if your front door is unlocked or garage door is open. Control4 will alert you of unsecured entries and give you instant access to door locks, alarms, lights, and more from your smartphone. 

Sleep Easier with One-Tap Scenes

When we’re stressed, proper sleep is one of the first things to go. Unfortunately, poor sleep can lead to extreme fatigue and even health problems. By utilizing smart home automation in the bedroom, you can create an environment that encourages better sleep with strategic control of climate, lights, and shades. 

Create a “Relax” or “Goodnight” scene that dims your lights and lowers your shades about an hour before it’s time for bed to help you relax. Your thermostat can also lower in tandem with your lights and shades to ensure your bedroom is nice and cool once you crawl into bed. For hands-off control, you can automate this scene to activate at a preset time so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Keep the Family Entertained

If you’re like most families during the health crisis, you’re probably turning to TV shows and movies for much of your entertainment. In fact, the average American is streaming approximately eight hours a day since the start of COVID-19, according to a recent study. That’s a lot of content!

AV distribution makes it easier than ever to keep the entire family entertained by routing any source—your Blu-ray player, Apple TV, cable box, and more—to any display in the home. All equipment is centrally located and becomes a shared resource! Components stay out of sight and neatly racked in a dedicated closet, which maintains the beauty of your home.

With Control4, you can quickly distribute the same movie you’re watching in the bedroom to the kids’ room, home theater, or change up the entertainment by watching your favorite murder mystery series while the kids watch a Disney movie. Pause, play, share, and change the content anywhere in the home from the same controller—without getting up from your chair.


Even in times of uncertainty, Atlantic Security is here to assist. To learn more about the benefits of Control4 home automation, or to schedule a free consultation for a future project, contact our team here. We look forward to working with you.

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