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Shave Time Off Daily Operations with for Business

Shave Time Off Daily Operations with for Business

Easily Monitor and Manage Your Alarm System, Doors and More Anytime, Anywhere

For weeks, businesses throughout St. Simons and the rest of Georgia closed their doors to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Now that businesses are reopening throughout the state, it’s likely that owners will seek more efficient ways of operating in order to scale back where needed.

One of the most valuable tools any business can adopt for more streamlined operations is a smart business security system powered by This solution puts control of your business alarm system, door locks, lights, and other essentials at your fingertips. From a mobile app, you’ll have a direct line of sight into what’s happening at work, keeping you connected and in control wherever you are.

Learn three ways the for Business app can help you shave time off daily operations so you can focus on more important things.

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Arm Your System After Locking Up

Does your business currently sport a traditional keypad alarm system? If so, you know the drill when it comes to arming your system: type in the PIN code, then make a quick run for the exit. If you leave too slowly, or if you forget your car keys in the back office after setting the alarm and dashing to the door, you have to start from square one. This process can get frustrating and time-consuming fast.

With the for Business app, a couple taps are all it takes to arm your system for the night. You can even exit the building first, lock the doors, and arm your system from outside to avoid the stressful race against the alarm. If you’re not the one closing shop, you can set up a smartphone reminder to make sure your staff armed the system or use an auto-arming option instead.


Access Your Business Remotely

Unexpected delivery? Employee forgot their key or smart lock user code? These problems disappear when you can quickly and easily access your business remotely using the for Business app. You can’t be at the office or storefront 24/7, but lets you lock and unlock doors or disarm the alarm from anywhere—even while on vacation.

Remote access is especially helpful for retail. Sometimes the opening manager can’t get to work due to traffic or an emergency. As a result, staff openers who don’t own keys are left waiting by the door while customers walk away disappointed. Using the for Business app, the opening manager can unlock the door, disarm the alarm, and let in staff to prep the store until he or she can get there.


Easily Open and Close Shop Using Scenes

While controlling the alarm system, door locks, and other essentials within your business takes just a few taps inside your mobile app, scenes take ease to a whole new level. Scenes coordinate multiple actions from your security devices to complete a certain task, like turning on your alarm, shutting off the lights, and locking your doors, in a single tap.

The for Business app comes with two scenes: Open and Close. They’re already set for you, but you can customize them or create new ones! Connect all your vital systems to work together according to the needs of your staff and business so operations are smooth and effortless every time.


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