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Steps Business Operators Can Take to Reduce Theft

Steps Business Operators Can Take to Reduce Theft

A Burglar Alarm Is One Part of a Robust Security System

Caught on tape! Police responded to three separate business burglaries from August 7-17 in Jacksonville, FL. Fortunately, the thieves were recorded by surveillance cameras, and at least one was identified. This incident motivated us to share what burglars look for when targeting a business and what owners and operators can do to protect their staff, clients, and assets. 

Let’s look at the streets of Jacksonville through the eyes of a thief and explore if a business burglar alarm system is right for you and the other steps you can take to reduce the risk of being targeted. 

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The Eyes of a Thief

Imagine someone walking down a street with the intention to break into a business and take money or property. One of the most important considerations is to get in and out quickly and go unnoticed. For this reason, almost all commercial burglaries occur at night when thieves expect the business to be unoccupied and poorly lit. 

Most criminals first try the doors or windows to see if anyone inadvertently left them open. The roof is another area they typically gain access. If a business is well-lit in the evening and looks like it has security measures in place, most criminals will search for an easier target. 

How to Reduce the Risk of Robbery

Now that we know what thieves look for, we can take proactive measures to reduce the chances of being targeted. 

  • Keep the Lights On

Consider floodlights at entry points and exit areas, and if your building has street-facing windows, think about the security lights you can leave on inside. 

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been protecting businesses in Jacksonville for over 50 years. We’ll discuss your needs and budget and determine the best options that offer the greatest protection. This may include integrating your lighting with your security so that flood lights immediately illuminate an area when motion is detected. We can also set up commercial automation that takes care of the details when the last person leaves. For example, one touch on an in-wall keypad can turn off the lights, lock the doors, and arm the alarm.

  • Install an Alarm System

Unlike older security systems that required an actual break-in before the alarm was triggered, today’s systems are smart and proactive. Glass break sensors set off an alarm if a window is broken. Door sensors inform you whenever someone enters or leaves. When combined with today’s surveillance cameras, you can pull up a live video feed on your smartphone and see who's accessed your property. Cameras should be placed in high-risk areas, monitoring the interior and exterior of a building. These systems send alerts when someone attempts to gain access and sounds the burglary alarm system based on preset parameters. 

  • Highlight Your Security Measures

Thieves look for businesses without security cameras and burglar alarms. A study by the University of North Carolina found that 25% of burglars would walk away if they saw a security sign posted on the property. Do you have one at your business? 

At Atlantic Security, we’ll tailor the right security system for your unique situation. To learn more about today’s burglar alarm systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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